Power Converters operate over -40 to +85°C temperature range.

Press Release Summary:

Operating from 6-24V input, AAT1189 step-down converter is targeted at consumer electronics equipment operating from a low cost AC/DC adapter. It delivers up to 2.5 A output current and has 490 kHz switching frequency. AAT2687 and AAT2689 combine high voltage step-down converter with a low input voltage LDO regulator. Buck converters on both devices operate off 6-24 V input and deliver 1.5-5.5 VOUT. AAT2689 delivers up to 2.5 A, while AAT2687 supplies up to 4.5 A.

Original Press Release:

AnalogicTech's High Voltage Step-Down Converters Boost Power Efficiency of Networking, Wireless LAN Equipment

24V, High Current Buck Converters with Integrated LDO Regulators

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 12 / -- Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. (AnalogicTech) (NASDAQ:AATI), a developer of power management integrated circuits for communications, computing and consumer electronics devices, announced today a new family of high voltage, high current, non-synchronous step-down converters capable of providing high efficiency power conversion from 24V supplies. Fabricated in AnalogicTech's proprietary high voltage Modular BCD process, these new devices offer cost savings for wireless LAN, DSL and cable modem, and set-top box designs by integrating a buck converter with a low noise low dropout regulator (LDO).

"While AnalogicTech has largely focused on products for mobile electronics applications, our proprietary Modular BCD fabrication process offers unique advantages in higher voltage applications," said Dan Dempsey, product line director for AnalogicTech. "By supporting input voltages up to 24V and combining a highly efficient non-synchronous buck converter with an LDO optimized for noise-sensitive applications, this new family of products offers designers of LAN equipment operating off a low-cost 12V adapter an ideal opportunity to boost efficiency while reducing product footprint."

Multiple Configurations

Operating from an input voltage between 6.0V and 24V, the AAT1189 step-down converter is targeted at consumer electronics equipment operating from a low cost AC/DC adapter. It delivers up to 2.5A output current. A 490 kHz switching frequency allows designers to use smaller filtering components and keep total solution size small. The use of voltage mode control helps optimize performance across the entire load range.

The AAT2687 and AAT2689 combine a high voltage step-down converter with a low input voltage low dropout (LDO) regulator. The buck converters on both devices operate off a 6V to 24V input and deliver a VOUT of 1.5V to 5.5V. The buck converter on the AAT2689 delivers up to 2.5A. On the AAT2687 the buck converter supplies up to 4.5A. Like the AAT1189, the AAT2687 and AAT2689 take advantage of high frequency switching to support the use of smaller external filtering components.

The AAT2687 and AAT2689 devices feature an LDO capable of delivering 600 mA. The LDO offers low output noise, low quiescent current and excellent transient response. Separate enable pins allow the designer to independently control the buck converter and the LDO. Shutdown current is <15 uA.

All three devices in the new product family feature internal soft start, over-temperature protection and adjustable over-current protection.

Price and Availability

The entire product family is qualified across the -40 C to +85 degrees C temperature range. The AAT1189 is available in a Pb-free, 16-pin, 3x4-mm TDFN package and sells for $0.87 in 1K quantities. The AAT2689 is also available in a Pb-free, 16-pin 3x4-mm TDFN package and sells for $1.03 in 1K quantities. Coming in a Pb-free, 24-pin, 4 x 5-mm TQFN package, the AAT2687 sells for $1.16 in 1K quantities.

About AnalogicTech

Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. (AnalogicTech) is a supplier of Total Power Management(TM) semiconductor solutions for mobile consumer electronic devices, such as wireless handsets, notebook and tablet computers, smartphones, digital cameras, wireless LAN, and personal media players. The company focuses its design and marketing efforts on the application-specific power management needs of consumer, communications, and computing applications in these rapidly evolving devices. AnalogicTech also develops and licenses device, process, package, and application-related technology. AnalogicTech is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and Macau, S.A.R., with offices in China (Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen), Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, France and United Kingdom, as well as a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors. The company is listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol AATI. For more information, please visit the AnalogicTech website: www.analogictech.com/.

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