Power Converters offer wide input ranges.

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Featuring watertight design for heavy-duty applications, HBC65-D3-IP66/67 Series accepts AC or DC inputs with wide ranges of 95–132 Vac, 190–264 Vac, 210–290 Vdc, 250–350 Vdc, or custom. Units deliver 300 W continuous output without need for cooling fans or forced air flow. Typical output voltages include 12, 24, 48, and 125 Vdc or custom. Packaged in rugged diecast aluminum IP66 enclosure with sealed circular connectors, power supplies include 4,300 Vdc input-output isolation.

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300W Watertight IP66 AC-DC (or DC-DC) Power Converters Offer Wide Input Ranges

ABSOPULSE Electronics' HBC65-D3-IP66/67 Series offers a watertight, power supply solution with wide input ranges for heavy-duty industrial, mining, marine, military, oil & gas and transportation applications.

The series accepts either AC- or DC- inputs with wide input ranges. These include 115Vac (95–132Vac range), 230Vac (190–264Vac range), 250Vdc (210–290Vdc range), 300Vdc (250–350Vdc range) or custom.

The supplies utilize advanced field-proven topology to deliver 300W continuous output power without the need for cooling fans or forced air flow. Typical output voltages include 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 125Vdc or custom. Efficiency is load dependent, typically 80% at full load. An optional built-in redundancy diode allows for parallel and N+1 operation. An output fail alarm is also available as an option. 

Heavy filtering on the output results in very low output ripple and noise, which ensures no interference with other electronic equipment. Electronic protection includes 4300Vdc input-output isolation, inrush current limiting and reverse polarity protection. Overvoltage protection is provided by a second regulator loop; in case of failure of the main loop, the unit continues to operate at the output voltage determined by the second loop. The units comply with EN60950-1 and corresponding UL and CSA international safety standards.

The HBC65-D3-IP66/67 power supplies are packaged in a rugged diecast aluminum IP66 enclosure with sealed circular connectors. Cable glands, MIL and other connections are also available. The converters are protected from water, humidity, dust, sand, oil, salt, fog, insects and other environmental contaminants. The internal power supply unit is fully ruggedized for increased immunity to high levels of shock and vibration, and the internal boards are conformal coated.

Cooling is by internal conduction to the walls of the IP66 enclosure and by surface convection. This enables operation within a -25°C to +55°C temperature range for full specification. Higher output power is achieved by installing the unit on a heat-sinking surface.

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Company Profile

Established in 1982, ABSOPULSE Electronics is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that specializes in the design and manufacture of high reliability, heavy-duty switch-mode power conversion products for the railway, automotive, industrial automation, power utilities, mining, marine and telecommunications sectors.

Product Range

The company's product line includes AC-DC power supplies and battery chargers, DC-DC converters, sine-wave inverters, phase and frequency converters, DC-input dimmable back-light inverters for LCD displays, DC-output UPS systems, laboratory power supplies and complete power systems in 19" and 23" racks.

Design Capabilities

ABSOPULSE provides cost-effective solutions to almost any input, output and mechanical configuration requirement. 

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