Power controllers reduce panel space.

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DIN-A-MITE® compact power controllers provide SCR control, heatsink, wiring, and touch-safe exterior. Controllers offer switching capabilities from 16-100 A and voltages from 24-600 V in 4 packages. Units feature DIN rail or sub-panel mounting, MDR replacement screen to eliminate mercury problems, and tighter-fitting cover on integrated ground-leg wire packages to ease wiring. All 4 models match load requirements with 1-phase, 3-phase/2-leg, and 3-phase/3-leg switching.

Original Press Release:

Watlow's Updated DIN-A-MITE® Power Controllers Offer Exceptional Performance in a Compact Package

St. Louis - Watlow's updated DIN-A-MITE® family of compact power controllers now provides SCR control, heatsink, wiring and a touch-safe exterior in one complete package. These new controllers boast higher output current, simplified packaging and
improved wiring capabilities.

Available in 4 different packages and handling configurations, the new DIN-A-MITE controllers offer significantly boosted current output rating in the A, B and C models with switching capabilities from 16 to 100 amps and voltages from 24 to 600 V.

In addition, a tighter-fitting cover on the integrated ground-leg wire packages simplifies wiring.

Watlow has updated the DIN-A-MITE controller family to bring the line even more versatility and usability. Features of the improved DIN-A-MITE line include convenient DIN rail or sub-panel mounting capabilities to reduce panel space and lower costs, a touch-safe exterior to protect against accidental electric shock and a rugged back-to-back SCR design to ensure versatility and to lower installation costs. A MDR replacement
screen has also been added to eliminate mercury problems and facilitate environmentally friendly replacement.

The DIN-A-MITE family now removes the need to prepare wires for terminals, locate the heat sink for rated amperage and determine adequate terminations. All four DIN-A-MITE models match load requirements with 1-phase, 3-phase/2-leg and 3-phase/3-leg

Watlow has improved the DIN-A-MITE lead-time for shipping, reducing it to only 1 day.

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