Power Component Costing Tool provides full price structure analysis.

Press Release Summary:

Power Price + calculates production cost and selling price of complex power modules, IGBT and MOSFET transistors, and power diodes. Functionality helps users understand cost structures, identify cost drivers, make competitive analyses, estimate module provider margin, and perform cost evaluation of different technology options. Final results can be modified and ported, and reports can be created as in any Excel workbook.

Original Press Release:

Calculate the Production Cost & Selling Price of IGBT & MOSFET Transistors, and Complex Power Modules

Power Price+, a tool from System Plus Consulting

Nantes, France - System Plus Consulting releases its new costing tool dedicated to active power components and modules: Power Price +.

Driven by the growth of hybrid & electric vehicles, wind energy and photovoltaic there is a rapidly growing market for extremely efficient power conversion. To understand the costs of these emerging systems in a dynamic marketplace, System Plus Consulting introduces a new costing tool to calculate the production cost and selling price of complex power modules, IGBT & MOSFET transistors and power diodes which are at the heart of these new systems.

Power Price + costing tool is used to understand cost structures, identify cost drivers, make competitive analyses, estimate module provider margin and perform cost evaluation of different technology options.

The tool is meant for Marketing Executives who need to know price structure, Process Managers and R&D Engineers who analyze economic feasibility and Purchasing Managers who want to understand costs.

Power Modules & Components take a growing share of the cost of electronic systems. Due to the high number of parameters having an influence on the cost of power modules, it is difficult to give estimation without an accurate tool. System Plus Consulting has been analyzing the cost of power modules since 2006, defining cost models and improving them constantly. Power Price+ is the result of years of work by our team of reverse costing engineers striving to develop a simple, but accurate, costing tool.

Easy to install, friendly to use and safe for workgroups, Excel-based Power Price + includes comprehensive databases to build accurate costs (foundries, assembly units and manufacturers).

Final results can be modified, ported and reports can be created like in any Excel workbook.

The outputs of Power Price + are:
  • Cost of the wafer and die
  • Cost of the molded parts
  • Cost of the module assembly
  • Cost of the component
  • Estimation of the selling price
  • ...

    Online demonstrations can be organized to show Power Price+ performances and answer users' questions.

    About the author:

    Olivier Bru is R&D Senior engineer at System Plus Consulting, Olivier is in charge of the development of the costing and simulation tools. He has a 20 years' experience in electronic development, production process and tests as well as in computer science.
    Olivier has an Engineering Degree in Electronics from the Ecole Nationale supérieure de l'Electronique et de ses Applications of Cergy, France.

    About System Plus Consulting:

    System Plus Consulting is specialized in the cost analysis of electronics from semiconductor devices to electronic systems. Around this main line System Plus Consulting has developed and continuously improved its range of services and costing tools to provide in-depth production cost studies and estimation of the objective selling price. The System Plus Consulting product offer consists of on-demand reverse costing studies, standard cost analysis reports and costing tools with software, costing models and cost simulation tools.

    Studied products: ICs, ASICs, MEMS, ECUs, electronic boards, Power components & modules and complete electronic systems.

    Applications: Automotive, Solar energy, Infotainment, Gaming, Smartcards, Handset receivers and mobile phones ...

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