Power Assist Attachment helps reduce operator injury.

Press Release Summary:

PowerTouch, using amplifiers, motors and processor, minimizes push and pull forces needed to operate material handling manipulators. It requires less than 3 lbs of force, making it possible for operators of any weight and build to perform material-handling tasks. PowerTouch attaches to company's Simple Air Manipulators, which use pneumatic power to maneuver loads up to 900 lbs. It exceeds material handling standards of OSHA, NIOSH and Ford.

Original Press Release:

Positech PowerTouch Sets New Standard

LAURENS, IOWA, U.S.A. - Positech introduces the PowerTouch, a truly innovative power assist that virtually eliminates push and pull forces needed to operate a material handling manipulator.

The PowerTouch requires less than 3 pounds of force, making it possible for operators of any gender, weight and build to perform material handling tasks.

PowerTouch can be purchased as an optional attachment for all new and existing Positech Simple Air Manipulators (SAMs). SAMs are one of Positech s most popular products. SAMs use pneumatic power to provide quick response and superior maneuverability of loads up to 900 pounds.

The PowerTouch sets a new manual material handling standard, far exceeding those set by OSHA, NIOSH and Ford. In addition, PowerTouch provides operators with ergonomic benefits that can increase productivity and reduce upper/lower back and other
potentially debilitating injuries.

Operators experience smooth rotational and linear movement through the use of amplifiers, motors and a processor. In addition to providing ease of motion, the PowerTouch increases the capacity a diverse operator group can handle throughout the
work envelope of the manipulator.

Positech, headquartered in Laurens, Iowa, designs, manufactures, tests and integrates ergonomically designed, operator-controlled material handling devices and tooling that lift, rotate, turn, tilt, reach and position, enabling humans to accomplish more
while minimizing physical stress and potential injury. Positech is a division of Columbus McKinnon Corporation, Amherst, N.Y., a world leader in the manufacturer of a wide variety of material handling products.

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