Power and Energy Meter takes CW and pulsed measurements.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for low-power lasers, model 12A thermal surface absorber head measures power and energy from 2 mW to 12 W. It is spectrally flat from 0.19-20 µm and has power density rating up to 25 kW/cm². With power accuracy of ±3%, product is suited for medical, scientific, and industrial applications and can be used with Orion, Nova, Nova II, and Laserstar series smart displays. Product offers ranges of 12 W, 2 W, 200 mW, and 20 mW.

Original Press Release:

Thermal Surface Absorber Head for CW and Pulsed Measurements Offers Wide Measurement Range

Wilmington, MA October 2005....Ophir Optronics, Inc. introduces the 12A, power energy meter for low power lasers. The 12A is designed to offer a wide dynamic range from 2mW up to 12 watts. The 12A offers ranges of 12W/2W/200mW/20mW. It is spectrally flat from 0.19um - 20um and has a power density rating up to 25KW/cm2. Power Accuracy is ±3%.

Ophir's 12A is ideal for medical, scientific and industrial applications and provides reliable and accurate measurements of power and energy. The 12A can be used with Orion, Nova, Nova II, and Laserstar series smart displays.

The Company
For more than 25 years, Ophir Optronics, Inc. has set the standard for the measurement of laser power and energy. Ophir, an ISO 9002 company, employs over 200 engineers, technicians and skilled workers. The company manufactures optical instrumentation, optical components and non-contact optical equipment for distance measurement and three-dimensional mapping of objects. The company's products are sold worldwide in over 25 countries. Ophir maintains marketing, sales and service centers in the USA, Japan, Israel and Germany.

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