Power Amplifier mounts on PCB.

Press Release Summary:

Surface-mounted PA37 can be automatically inserted onto FR-4 boards using copper-slug as solder connection for heat-dissipation. It consists of monolithic dual power op amp in 24-pin PSOP package. Op amp has wide supply voltage range of 5 to 40V, output current limit of 3.0A and slew rate of 1.2V/ps. Applications include half and full bridge motor drivers, audio power amplifier, single supply systems, and bi-directional motor controllers.

Original Press Release:

Apex Announces The PA37; A Low Cost, High Voltage, Surface-Mount Amplifier

Apex Microtechnology introduces the PA37, the newest addition to the Apex Power Operational Amplifier product line. Joining Apex's PA21, PA25 and the PA26; the PA37 was developed to fulfill market needs for a true surface-mounted product. The PA37 consists of a monolithic dual power op amp in a 24-pin PSOP package. Featuring two power op amps in one package and on one-die results in an extremely cost effective solution for applications requiring multiple amplifiers per board, parallel operation or bridge mode configuration.

The PA37 is a product that can be automatically inserted onto FR-4 boards using a copper-slug as a solder connection for heat-dissipation. In addition to a wide supply voltage range (single supply: 5V to 40V, split supplies: ±2.5V to ±20V), the PA37 has an output current limit of 3.0A and a slew rate of 1.2V/ps. The PA37 can also operate on a single power supply. At a $10K price of $4.15 the PA37 will interest anyone who wants to supply high power on a surface mount process at a low cost.

Key Specifications for the PA37
Model PA37
Supply TOTAL 5V to 40V
Power Dissipation 36W
Efficiency [Vs-2.2V] @ 2.5A
Current Sense Yes
Per Unit Cost/10K $4.15


Key Applications for the PA37:
* Half & Full Bridge Motor Drivers
* Audio Power Amplifier
* Ideal for Single Supply Systems
* Bi-directional motor controllers

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Apex Microtechnology Corporation is an industry leader in analog hybrid and monolithic high power, high voltage power amplifiers, PWM amplifiers, motion controllers, and multi-channel amplifiers.

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