Power Amplifier Kits help OEMs meet DTV mandate.

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Available as component kits, LDMOS UHF Series AU amplifiers operate at 20, 80, 150, or 290 Wrms for digital applications and 60, 250, 500, or 1000 W for analog applications. Compliant to international standards, 150 Wrms amplifier is configurable to 290 Wrms by removing power supply and using available socket to add 2 LDMOS pallets; external power supply is required for 290 Wrms amplifier in such cases. Units may also be delivered fully assembled.

Original Press Release:

Richardson Electronics Offers Easily Configurable LDMOS UHF Power Amplifier Kits to Help OEMs Meet DTV Mandate

As the FCC's December 2006 digital tuner deadline approaches, Richardson Electronics gives OEMs a state-of-the-art solution with its line of LDMOS UHF power amplifier kits for digital and analog applications.

Developed by RES, Ltd. (RF Engineered Solutions), the AU Series amplifiers operate at 20Wrms, 80Wrms, 150Wrms or 290Wrms for digital applications. These same units also operate at 60W, 250W, 500W or 1000W for analog applications. (See table below.)

Available to OEMs as component kits, these amplifiers are easy to assemble, offer high reliability and are compliant to all major international standards. The 150Wrms amplifier is also easily configurable to 290Wrms simply by removing the power supply and using this socket to add two LDMOS pallets (LDU400C) also available from Richardson. (Note: an external power supply is then required for the 290Wrms amplifier.)
Part	Pout	Pout	 DTV	Gain
Common DVB-T 8 VSB
Amp. (Wrms) (Wrms)
AU20-D 60 20 40 46
AU50-D 250 80 140 56
AU100-D 500 150 275 56
AU200-D 1000 290 500 56

For those customers who would prefer, the units may also be delivered fully assembled.

For additional information, please contact Richardson Electronics - T: 630-208-3637; 800-737-6937 / F: 630-208-2550; rfwireless.rell.com/amplifiers.asp; email: rwc@rell.com.

Richardson Electronics is the exclusive distributor for RES, Ltd. products.

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