Power Amplifier features 6-18 GHz frequency range.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for defense electronics and homeland security industries, CHPA0618-1 ultra-broadband power amplifier incorporates GaAs MMIC technology into Spatium(TM) broadband spatial combining architecture. Unit has multiple element architecture that provides protection from single point failures and enables dispersive, 3D heat dissipation. Featuring 40 W typical saturated power, it includes soft-fail in event of device failure, with no warm-up or turn-on delay.

Original Press Release:

CAP Wireless Announces the CHPA0618-1 Spatium Ultra-Broadband Power Amplifier

CAP Wireless, Inc. (CAP), a leading supplier of high-performance microwave and RF amplifiers and amplifier-based subsystems, today announced the CHPA0618-1 ultra-broadband power amplifier for broadband military platforms within the defense electronics and homeland security industries. The unit incorporates gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) technology into CAP's revolutionary, patented Spatium(TM) broadband spatial combining architecture to achieve outstanding solid state power levels across the amplifier's extended 6-18 GHz frequency range. The CHPA0618-1 is ideally suited for wideband applications such as electronic counter measures (ECM), laboratory instrumentation, and electromagnetic compatability/electromagnetic interference (EMC/EMI) test, as well as narrower band applications like radar, microwave imaging, and satellite communications.

"The CHPA0618-1 power amplifier delivers superior bandwidth and power through our Spatium technology and is a compact, affordable, reliable alternative to traveling wave tube amplifiers," said Scott Behan, vice president of marketing at CAP Wireless. "This unit is uniquely positioned to meet the continually growing demand for components that can be implemented in highly specialized applications that require more bandwidth and efficiency, higher power, and are reliable and cost-effective to manufacture."

In addition to extremely broad bandwidth and high power, the CHPA0618-1 amplifier's multiple element architecture provides protection from single point failures and facilitates even, dispersive, three-dimensional (3D) heat dissipation.

Key features of the CHPA0618-1 are:

Ultra-broad 6-18 GHz bandwidth

40 watts typical saturated power

Exceptional reliability and mean time between failures (MTBF)

Graceful degradation (soft-fail) in the event of device failure

Low voltage primary power

Low intermodulation and harmonic distortion

Flat gain without equalization

Low noise figure

Low phase noise and spurious Infinite load voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) without damage

No warm-up or turn-on delay

Unlimited altitude

Pricing and Availability

The CHPA0618-1 ultra-broadband power amplifier is available immediately. Pricing depends on individual customer specifications; please call CAP Wireless at 805-499-1818 or email info@capwireless.com for specific price quotes and additional information. The product will be featured at the EMC Symposium, August 18-22, in Detroit, MI, Booth #249.

About CAP Wireless

CAP Wireless develops and manufactures a broad range of RF and microwave amplification products and related subsystems for homeland security, defense electronics, and commercial microwave markets. The company's Spatium product line provides extremely broad bandwidth, high-power, solid state amplifiers for applications such as electronic warfare (EW) systems, radar and communication systems, laboratory instrumentation, and electromagnetic compatibility and interference testing. Applications currently in development include high-power amplifiers for radar, microwave imaging, and satellite and terrestrial communications systems. CAP Wireless, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Newbury Park, CA. For more information about CAP Wireless and its products, please call 805-499-1818, email info@capwireless.com, or visit www.capwireless.com.

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