Powder Rheometer can test powder behavior under vacuum.

Press Release Summary:

Fully automated, universal Model FT4 characterizes powder behavior under aerated, conditioned, consolidated, and vacuum conditions. In vacuum test mode, vacuum is applied to powder sample though system's standard aeration base. Model FT4 allows rapid and systematic investigation of dynamic behavior as function of applied vacuum and other variables, such as flow rate, moisture content, and composition.

Original Press Release:

Vacuum Operation - Valuable New Capability for FT4 Powder Rheometer

The latest accessory for Freeman Technology's FT4 powder rheometer allows the flow properties of powders to be studied under vacuum. Reducing the air pressure, and hence the entrained air in the powder, can lead to dramatic changes in flowability. Since a number of unit operations in powder processing may be carried out under vacuum (including drying, filtration, pneumatic transfer and dosing) it is important to understand the behaviour of powders under these conditions.

The FT4 is a fully automated, universal powder tester that can be used to characterise powder behaviour under aerated, conditioned, consolidated and now vacuum conditions. In this new test mode, vacuum is applied to a powder sample through the system's standard aeration base. The FT4 allows the rapid and systematic investigation of dynamic behaviour as a function of applied vacuum and other variables, such as flow rate, moisture content and composition. By characterizing a powder in a range of complementary ways, the FT4 builds a complete picture. This information can be linked to process performance and used to predict the likely behaviour of a powder in specific processing equipment.

Freeman Technology has pioneered the development of instruments that measure and classify the flow properties of powders. The company is based in Worcestershire, UK. The FT Powder Rheometers closely meet the needs of powder users and processors - helping to solve problems of powder flow in order to aid formulation of new materials, optimize handling and processing, or provide quality control standards, for example. www.freemantech.co.uk

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