Powder Coating Services

Haward offers an innovative powder coating service, providing quality application of all types of powder coatings to the specification for their customers since 1970. Their facility is capable of handling both long and short run jobs. Haward Corporation has two fully automatic powder lines and a still booth with large and small batch ovens, capable of handling car frames, motorcycle frames, hoppers and vessels. For over 20 years Haward Corporation has been providing fluid bed Nylon and fluid bed Vinyl coating for the medical, pharmaceutical, aircraft and display industries. Their pretreatment capabilities include spray iron phosphate, all types and classes of phosphate falling under MIL-DTL-16232G, Chem Film per MIL-C-5541, and grit blasting.

Haward Corporation has experience applying Electrostatic sprayed Epoxy, Polyester, Hybrids, Urethanes, Nylon, Vinyl, Polyethylene, TEFZEL®, Absite®, Kynar® (PVDF), Halar® (ECTFE), PFA, GLAS-LOK(TM) (both clear and colored), Fluidized Bed Dipping of Nylon, Vinyl and Polyethylene.

Powder is available in over 1000 different colors with different textures and glosses. Haward stocks over 500 colors and has the capabilities of spraying custom colors.

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