Powder Coating protects against thread contamination.

Press Release Summary:

Applied to threaded fasteners, NYCOTE® nonconductive WHITE® TEFLON® PFA powder coating provides complete thread masking and protection against contamination from electrodeposited paints and primers as well as adhesion of weld spatter. Product also adds lubricity to fasteners and reduces torque vs. tension scatter. While process eliminates need to manually apply and remove caps, tape, or plugs, there is also no need for slave bolts and retapping.

Original Press Release:

NYCOTE Offers Guaranteed Protection Against Weld Spatter and Electrodeposited Coatings on Fastener's Threads

Industry's Most Complete, Effective Thread Masking Protection:

The revolutionary NYCOTE® coating process from Nylok Corporation - a non-conductive WHITE® TEFLON® PFA powder coating applied to threaded fasteners - offers the industry's most complete and effective thread masking and protection.

The patented process provides guaranteed protection against thread contamination from electrodeposited paints, primers and adhesion of weld spatter and eliminates the need to manually apply - and later remove - caps, tape or plugs. There is no need for "slave" bolts and re-tapping, which can compromise quality and safety. NYCOTE also adds lubricity to fasteners and reduces torque vs. tension scatter, according to Nylok, the world leader in supplying value-added fastener products.

The coating is widely used in such industries as agricultural, automotive, appliance, electronics, HVAC, machinery, marine, outdoor power equipment, recreation equipment and telecommunications manufacturing.

Nylok Corporation, a member of the Marmon group of companies, holds more patents for innovative fastener technology than any other company and has built a reputation throughout the world for "iNYvation" in developing new products that solve challenges. For more information, visit the Nylok home page at www.nylok.com.

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