Powder Brake and Controller provide precise tension control.

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Double E/Re Eleflex magnetic particle brake provides quick-response tension control for light-tension applications. Low-voltage 24 Vdc operation presents no safety hazards. Mega Controller connects to powder brake without current regulator. Three push-button keyboard allows easy programming of 40 functions. Three independent PID settings allow controller to have different set-ups for running, acceleration, and deceleration modes.

Original Press Release:

Electromagnetic Powder Brake & Mega Controller Provide Precise Tension Control

The Double E / Re "Eleflex" magnetic particle brake provides precise, quick-response tension control for light tension applications (under 1 pli). The brake is a quiet alternative to friction brakes, and is ideal for clean environment situations. Low voltage (24V DC) operation presents no safety hazards and makes installation and use simple (no transformers are needed to convert from standard electrical supplies). The compact unit is available with an integral fan or radiator for added convenience.

Double E also offers the revolutionary Mega Controller which can be connected to the powder brake without a current regulator. This direct connectivity provides significant cost savings and superior, more precise tension control. The three push-button
keyboard on the controller allows easy programming of its 40 available functions. Three independent PID settings allow this controller to have different set-ups for the running, acceleration and deceleration modes. The Mega is a compact and affordable programmable tension controller specifically designed for machines using dancer rolls and magnetic powder brakes. It can also be used with amplified load cells, pneumatic brakes or drive motors in unwind or rewind applications.

Double E is the exclusive distributor of Re brakes, tension controls, load cells, and web guides in North America. For more
information, please contact the Double E Company, 319 Manley Street, West Bridgewater, MA 02379; (508)588-8099;

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