Pouring Spout provides clean paint handling and storing.

Press Release Summary:

CPS Pouring Spout ends possibility of slopping paint onto outside or into grooved rim of can. Spout snaps into can for spill-free pouring and provides wiping edge for brushes. Magnetic holder grips brush by ferrule so user can pause and resume working without having to provide secure storage for brush. Snap-in polyethylene can cover allows user to stack one can on top of the other.

Original Press Release:

Allway's New CPS Pouring Spout Offers Clean Paint Can and Brush Handling

BRONX, NY, December 22, 2003 -- Allway Tools, Inc. has introduced a one gallon, paint can pouring spout with innovations that provide for clean, convenient paint handling and storing, as well as easy brush wiping and holding features. This versatile item, known as the Allway CPS Pouring Spout, ends the possibility of slopping paint onto the outside, or into the grooved rim of the can. The resulting problem of paint hardening in the grooves is eliminated. The durable spout snaps into the can for spill-free pouring, as well as providing a wiping edge for brushes. The spout also features a magnetic holder that grips the brush by its ferrule, magnetically, so the user can conveniently pause, and resume working, without having to provide secure storage for the brush. A further convenience is a snap-in polyethylene can cover. Also convenient is the capability to stack one can on top of the other. No other available versions of this item offer the combination of features that this pouring spout does. The new item is supplied in a variety of neon colors, and several merchandising options are available, including clip strips and a cut-case display box. For further information, call customer service at 1-800-422-5592 or contact us at Sales@Allwaytools.com


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