Poultry Plant Now Cooler through the Upgrade of Local Technologies

Australian made equipment supplied by air movement specialist Fanquip has formed an integral part of a major upgrade at a poultry processing plant, overseen by contractor Protective Fabrications.

A quantity of 84 plate axial exhaust fans were installed by Protective Fabrications to upgrade a holding area of this poultry processing plant where stock is cooled and an evaporative process takes place.


Director of Protective Fabrications, Mr Joe Vella, says his company won the tender for this large-scale upgrade and previous successful association with Fanquip made a telling difference when deciding on which technology to incorporate for the air management aspect in the scope of works.


"We were given a four-week time frame to put in all the fans and evaporative cooling packs in this holding area," said Mr Vella.


“The way the processing plant is arranged, there are 42 rows of crates (21 rows on each side) and we were assigned to set up a system that sucks air through a poly evaporative water cooling wall then shoot air through the rows between the crates in this 30m x 40m room.

“The air then is exhausted out through a ridge opening in the middle of the gable roof.


“The crates come in overnight and are stacked four high in the room which holds about 100,000 live stock units at any one time. There it is imperative that temperatures are kept below 28 degrees Celsius with constant air flow to keep the live stock stress free.

“It was a very competitive tender bidding process that we won and what helped was our previous association with Fanquip, which made distinct difference.

“This project dealt with the live food processing sector, so the solution has to be precise and all the equipment in the air movement side of the equation reliable, with Fanquip and its technologies this helped us meet the expectation.

"We purchased 84 plate axial exhaust fans, which is quite a sizeable order for one project, and are very confident that each unit will perform as without fail,” said Mr Vella.

Fanquip’s axial exhaust fans use a direct-drive configuration, are heavy duty and achieve high flow rates.

Available in 22 standard models, Fanquip Axial Flow Fans have diameters ranging from 300mm-1500mm, with optimum motor speeds ranging from 1440rpm-2880rpm on the smaller units up to a range from 480rpm-1440rpm on the large ones.

Volume of air movement achieved ranges from 654 l/s by the 300mmm flow fans through to 25,500 l/s by the 1500mm unit.

Mindful that all working environments present different challenges, the units can be manufactured with the following options:

  • Flameproof motors

  • Ex(e) spray booths etc for fume extraction and safety

  • A dustproof and hoseproof motor rated to Industry Standard IP-66

  • Stainless steel alloy casing

  • A two-stage, high performance configuration for high pressures

 All models are available in 3 Ph 415V operation, with those up to 600mm operation also supplied in 1 Ph 240V. Operating power ranges from 0.19kW up to 5.50kW.

An industrial powder coated finish over the galvanized casing ensures long lifespan of the product by protecting against outdoor elements and internal working environment.

For more information, please contact, Fanquip. 1800 224 308.







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