Potable Water Tank Mixer is solar powered.

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Model SB400 floating mixer creates near-laminar flow to completely mix small potable-water tanks up to 300,000 gal, eliminating thermal stratification and stagnation and providing uniform water age. It utilizes permanent magnet, low-voltage motor and on-board battery system for continuous operation. Certified by NSF against potable water contamination, mixer is equipped with chemical injection capability, and is available with portable Chlorine Boost System.

Original Press Release:

New SolarBee® SB400 Potable-Water Tank Mixer Designed for Smaller Tanks, Tight Municipal Budgets

Unique Long-Distance Circulation(TM) technology helps eliminate thermal stratification and stagnation in potable water.

Dickinson, ND July 9, 2009 -- The new SolarBee SB400 potable-water tank mixer is specifically designed to completely mix small potable-water tanks (up to 300,000 gallons), while providing up to 40 percent first-cost savings over other mixers. Ideal for smaller towns requiring only one tank, or for multiple tanks in larger municipalities, the SB400 mixer is certified by NSF against potable water contamination (per NSF/ANSI Standard 61).

For easy installation in smaller tanks, the unit is collapsible and fits through an 18-inch hatch.

The solar-powered, floating mixer operates day and night with a permanent magnet, low-voltage motor and on-board battery system for continuous, energy-efficient water quality improvement.

The SB400 mixer creates a near-laminar flow that keeps the tank de-stratified, provides uniform water age, and allows accurate management of residual chlorine or chloramine levels to reduce nitrification. The unique SolarBee flow pattern ensures consistent dispersion of disinfectant throughout the tank volume, including constant replacement at the boundary layers (i.e., tank floor and sidewalls) where bacterial growth would otherwise use up the disinfectant.

The SB400 is equipped with chemical injection capability, and is available with the portable SolarBee Chlorine Boost System. With this system, tank operators can "boost" chlorinated and chloraminated water tanks with sodium hypochlorite to keep residual levels optimal. The boosting system can be used to achieve compliance with EPA Stage 2 disinfection byproduct (DBP) rules.

To learn more about mixing potable water tanks, view our three-minute video: Using SolarBees to Mix Chlorinated or Chloraminated Water Storage Tanks and Reservoirs.

About SolarBee

SolarBee, Inc. (http://www.solarbee.com/), a division of Medora Environmental, Inc., manufactures and installs solar-powered long-distance water circulation equipment. Introduced in 2001, there are now more than 20 models, including seven models for potable water tanks ranging from 30,000 to 100.0 million gallon (MG) tanks. SolarBee circulators are used to solve water-quality problems worldwide in potable and recycled water storage tanks, freshwater lakes, wastewater lagoons, storm-water ponds, estuaries and other reservoirs.

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