Post Guard Column Protectors from Maxi Container, Inc

Our Post Guard Column Protectors are efficient to use and easy to install. To install wrap the Protector around the column and secure it with the Velcro straps provided. Our Column Protectors are made from dry blended Virgin HDPE Resin. Standard available colors are yellow, red, and green. However, special custom colors can be made to order. Our customers love the Column Protectors.

Howard Skolnik, President of Skolnik Industries, Inc. states, "For year's I watched as our fork-lift drivers narrowly missed the columns in our warehouse. On a few occasions, they didn't miss. The installation of your Post Guard Column Protectors has taken away my fears that one day a column accident could cause a roof collapse. The protectors were easy to install and the bright orange color is hard to miss - even for our fork-lift drivers."

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