Positive Displacement Pumps handle aggessive applications.

Press Release Summary:

Universal Design PD Pump Series includes stainless steel models in 10, 15, and 20 gpm configurations. Utilizing gear within gear pumping principle, units have 2 moving parts; stainless steel outer gear and plastic inner gear engineered to match application. Self-priming pumps feature inlet capacity of 20 in. Hg to 250 psi and viscosity range from 32-10,000 SSU. All units accept relief valves, lip seals, and 4 types of mechanical seals or packing gland shaft seals.

Original Press Release:

Haight Expands Universal Design to Include Stainless Steel Models for the Ultimate in Gear Pump Simplicity, Flexibility and Adaptability

EVANSVILLE, WI, June 2, 2005 -- Haight Pumps has expanded their Universal Design PD Pump Series to include stainless steel models in 10, 15 and 20 gallon configurations.

Based On Success
Tried and proven in applications around the world, the Universal Series, with its adaptability and ease of maintainability has grown to become one of the most versatile, rotary gear positive displacement pumps on the market.

The result of ongoing R & D as well as extensive field-testing, the addition of stainless steel models gives end users a long lasting gear pump that can work with the most aggressive applications.

Patented Principles Make It Ideal For Problem Fluids
Using the Haight's pioneering (and patented) "gear within a gear" pumping principle, there are only two moving parts; a stainless steel outer gear and a plastic inner gear engineered to match the exact application. Hydraulic balancing ensures reliability and minimizes wear.

Its distinctive operating characteristics make it ideal for use with corrosive, high temperature, thin, corrosive and other aggressive problem fluids. Typical fluids include: phosphoric acid, caustic sodas, zylene, polymers, surfactants, flocculants, carbon black, isocyanates, sodium hydroxide, glycols, wastewater and other chemicals.

Customer Commitment As A Basis
The announcement, made by Gordon Durand, Division Manager of Haight Pumps, is part of the firms' plans to dramatically expand their family of PD pumps to include an even broader operating range as they focus on being a single source supplier.

According to Durand, "With over 65 years experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of gear pumps, Haight remains on the cutting edge of pumping and process technology. Our people are continually looking for ways to provide solutions to end users problems, especially in the areas of poor lubricity, corrosives, abrasives and difficult to handle liquids. To that end, we continue to invest heavily in our R & D efforts and listen to customer needs in the process".

Durand continued, "Direct end user input was a key factor in the design of our new stainless series. When they asked for a stainless steel PD pump that had better specifications and features than similar models at competitive pricing, we listened. By carefully combining our proprietary designs with the best possible materials, we actually were able to build a better pump at a lower price. Moreover, using this formula as a basis, we plan to extend the scope and range of our stainless steel pumps even further",

Latest In Pumping Technology
Before the advent of this series, end users had to deal with galling, pump failures and unscheduled down-time. The Stainless Steel pumps in the Universal Series solve these problems with features not found in other gear pumps of this kind, including:
o No Galling - ensured by pump design and high hardness materials of construction
o Shaft Alignment - close coupling eliminates alignment and runout
o No Gearboxes - operate at standard motor speeds without the need for a gear reducer
o 316 L Stainless, low carbon steel - shaft, housing, pinion gear for better corrosion resistance and low lubricity
o Materials of Construction - for extended service life, reliability
o Reduced Pump Inventory Needs - one pump handles multiple service requirements
o Maintenance - easy service and inspection accessibility, simplified packing gland adjustments
o More - self priming, low shear, reversible flow, integral bolt-on relief valve

Other Features
Historically when a pump was ordered, it was application oriented towards a single pump configuration. With the advent of the Universal design, all pumps in the standard Haight product line are able to accept relief valves, lip seals, four types of mechanical seals or packing gland shaft seals. It is the only design on the market that allows end users to switch sealing methods on-line and in-place without the need for special tools.

Stainless Steel pump operating characteristics include: Capacities of 10, 15, 20 gpm; Lubricating fluids 250psid, non-lubricating fluids up to 100psid; temperature range from -40°F to 250°F; standard motor operating speeds of 900/1200/1800 rpm; inlet capacity of 20"Hg to 250 psi and a viscosity range from 32 SSU to 10,000 SSU.

Haight Background
Haight Pumps, a member of the Baker Manufacturing Company (now in their 132nd year), is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, positive displacement rotary internal gear pumps for most any liquid transfer or liquid process application for OEM use.

Since 1933, the Haight division has built an international reputation for product quality, long service life, ease of maintenance, metallurgical expertise, ongoing R & D, company owned foundry to ensure quality and quick delivery, strict manufacturing guidelines, stringent quality assurance, rigid testing procedures, process expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing, technical innovations, rigorous in-house controls and the best customer service in the industry. All designed to meet an OEM's exact needs.

Typical Haight applications include: mixing, blending, transferring and metering fluids in process applications; circulation and filtration of lube oil; vat transfer in food processing; circulating and filtering oil in commercial fryers; fuel filtration and fueling systems, bearing lubrication, hot tars and asphalt; bulk transfer; filtration; lubrication systems; spindle cooling; fuel, lube and seal oil supply; ink transfer; machine coolant; oil mist; liquid cattle feed; and much more.

Haight Pumps are marketed worldwide through a network of specially trained distributors located in North America, South America, Canada, Africa, UK, Europe and Asia. Key markets include: machine tools, petroleum, metalworking, lubrication, power, food processing, restaurant equipment, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, refinery, pulp and paper, textile, packaging and converting, beverage, paints, adhesives, glues and resins.

For more information on the Stainless Steel or Universal design, contact Judy Bratzke at: Haight Pumps, Division of Baker Manufacturing Co., 133 Enterprise Street, Evansville, WI 53536. Phone number is (800) 871-9250. Fax number is (608) 882-3777. Web: Haightpump. com.; E-Mail: haight@baker-mfg.com.

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