Positioning System has extreme-duty, stainless steel design.

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Able to withstand harsh chemical environments, QLZE/QSZE/QST-KE Series are customized to end-user specifications. Stainless steel components combat caustic wash-down issues and also prevent damage due to clogging/pitting. Available in ball screw and belt drive options, standard single-carriage linear actuators offer push-pull type directional loading capable of handling dynamic max capacity carry loads to 1,600 lbf and max thrust loads to 1,100 lbf. Max stroke length is 3,000 mm.

Original Press Release:

New Extreme Duty Stainless Steel Modular Linear Actuator Series Positioning System

Cleveland, OH-September 2008

In response to the corrosive challenges faced by industrial processing manufactures in harsh chemical environments, leading linear motion control systems and components manufacturer Nook Industries (Cleveland, OH) offers an extreme-duty solution with its new Stainless Steel Modular Linear Actuator Series (QLZE / QSZE / QST-KE) Positioning System. Developed by Nook's Precision Actuator Group, the series is engineered with a stainless steel cover band that wraps over the square aluminum profiles - creating an optimal solution to combat caustic wash-down issues (acid solvent/acid bath cleaning).

The unique stainless steel housing sheet (thickness 0.37mm, material 1.4301) also protects the aluminum profile from exposure to damage due to clogging and pitting; thus protecting the deep structures of the extrusion and extending the system's life. Additionally, the stainless steel design requires no bellows to cover the extrusion which typically wears out over time.

Nook's Stainless Steel Modular Linear Actuator Series is ideally suited for meeting the extreme usage and hygienic requirements of the pharmaceutical/medical, clean room, food/beverage, packaging and petrochemical industries; notably pick-and-place gantry applications.

Customized to customer specification from Nook's standard line and available in ball screw and belt drive options, the linear actuator series is available in a number of sizes (60 / 80 / 100) and provides an exceptional performance solution for precision and commercial caustic wash-down applications.

The standard single-carriage linear actuators offer push-pull type directional loading that can handle dynamic maximum capacity carry loads up to 1,600 lbs of force and maximum thrust loads up to 1,100 lbs. of force. Higher load capacity can be achieved with modified carriages configured with additional rollers or bearings added to specification.

Fully assembled and configurable with Nook motors (ac/dc/servo/stepper) and stainless steel hardware including pulleys, limit switches, end mounts, etc. the standard fitting position of each in the series offers maximum stroke-lengths of 3,000 mm (without joints). In addition to its unique stainless steel design advantages, the system offers flexibility with long travel, high speed and the availability of high acceleration systems.

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