Positioner Tip promotes optimal bandwidth, signal fidelity.

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Used with WaveLink® probes to 25 GHz for solder-in connections, Dxx05-PT positioner (browser) tip accessory provides performance up to 22 GHz with rise times of 19 ps (10-90%). Positioner tip and probe amplifier assembly provide probe impedance of 160, 450, 240, and 210 W at 6, 13, 16, and 20 GHz, respectively, aiding characterization of next generation serial data signals. Constructed of carbon fiber composite pogo-pin tips, positioner tip optimizes browser signal fidelity and loading.

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LeCroy's New Positioner Tip for WaveLink Probes Provides Exceptional Bandwidth and Signal Fidelity

Ultra-Compact Form Factor Browser Ideal for Probing High Bandwidth Signals in Confined Areas

CHESTNUT RIDGE, N.Y. -- LeCroy Corporation previously introduced the WaveLink® probe product lineup to 25 GHz for solder-in connections. Now this product line is being extended to include a 22 GHz positioner (browser) tip accessory.

LeCroy's WaveLink high bandwidth differential probes provide superior rise time, mid-band probe impedance, and noise performance. The new Dxx05-PT positioner tip provides performance up to 22 GHz with rise times of 19 ps (10-90%) when used with a LeCroy 25 GHz or higher bandwidth oscilloscope. In addition, the positioner tip and probe amplifier assembly provides superior probe impedance in the mid-band range -- 160 Ohms at 6 GHz, 450 Ohms at 13 GHz, 240 Ohms at 16 GHz, and 210 Ohms at 20 GHz. This combination of performance is essential for accurately characterizing next generation serial data signals, and comes closer in signal fidelity to cabled inputs than any other similar bandwidth oscilloscope probe.

The new Dxx05-PT positioner tip utilizes an advanced design and advanced materials to optimize browser signal fidelity and loading. The tip is constructed of carbon fiber composite pogo-pin tips that put distributed resistance at point of probe contact to minimize parasitic impedance. The conductive carbon fibers eliminate skin effect and provide a nearly constant resistance over frequency. This provides superior signal fidelity with the fastest rise times and lowest electrical noise. In addition, the positioner tip has an ultra-compact form factor that allows tight probe spacing and is ideal for probing high bandwidth signals in confined areas. It is easy to position multiple probes very close together using a variety of mechanical positioners. In addition, a hand-held wand is available for debugging.

The new Dxx05-PT positioner tip is sold as an accessory kit (part number Dxx05-PT-KIT) that is retrofittable to previously purchased LeCroy WaveLink High Bandwidth Differential Probes (Dxx05 Series) and Platform/Cable Assemblies. The kit includes a variety of mechanical positioning devices to interface with a provided XYZ positioner, and a set of spare carbon composite pogo-pin tips.

Superior Probe Noise and Rise Time Performance

The WaveLink high bandwidth probes incorporate an advanced differential traveling wave (distributed) amplifier architecture to achieve superior high frequency broadband performance. Traveling wave (distributed) amplifiers are commonly used in ultra high frequency broadband amplifiers. This multi-stage amplifier architecture maximizes gain per stage and minimizes probe attenuation (only 3.5X for 13-16 GHz probes, and 4.5X for 20-25 GHz probes), which permits very low probe noise (1.6 mVrms @ 13 GHz, 1.8 mVrms @ 16 GHz and 2.5 mVrms @ 20 GHz, and 2.8 mVrms @ 25 GHz). This amplifier also provides ample bandwidth to provide superior rise times when the probe is used with a WaveMaster 8 Zi Series oscilloscope of equivalent bandwidth. Therefore, the rise time specification of the probe and oscilloscope combination is the same as that of the oscilloscope itself, making it possible to use an oscilloscope probe for critical measurements without sacrificing the rise time (and hence bandwidth) performance of the oscilloscope. This is especially important when oscilloscope channels must be conserved for multiple differential signal measurements, such as with multi-lane protocols like PCI Express.

Industry Leading AC Probe Impedance Reduces Circuit Loading

The minimum AC loading (Zmin) of the new WaveLink probe at high frequency is far superior to competitive units at 13 to 20 GHz, and for those who need a 25 GHz solution now, only LeCroy is shipping an oscilloscope and probe combination that addresses that bandwidth.

When a probe is connected to a 50 Ohms transmission line in a circuit, some of the electrical signal in the circuit conducts through the probe and some remains within the transmission line. If the probe impedance is higher, then less of the electrical signal conducts through the probe and more remains in the circuit. Lower probe impedance has the opposite effect. Typically, manufacturers quote very high probe impedances at or very near DC, but high frequency signals have insignificant frequency content in this range. Engineers need to know the probe loading at very high frequencies (especially approaching the maximum probe frequency) which the probe is designed and rated to measure. In this area, the WaveLink high bandwidth differential probes shine with a mid-band probe impedance far higher than competitive products. This enables the WaveLink probe to provide high signal fidelity and accurately reproduce the electrical signal without also affecting the engineer's circuit and possibly affecting the measurement.

Highest Bandwidth Solder-In Lead

LeCroy's 25 GHz probe with a solder-in lead remains the industry's fastest solder-in solution. Solder-in lead connections are most commonly used by engineers and are widely valued for their high signal fidelity. LeCroy's 25 GHz solution surpasses the 16 or 20 GHz solutions offered by competitors.

Complete Probe Systems Now Also Available

For customers who desire both the solder-in and positioner tip solutions, LeCroy now provides "PS" probe systems with the widest possible array of connections at 13, 16, 20, or 25 GHz bandwidth. Each "PS" probe system includes the probe amplifier, a platform/cable assembly (and adapters, where necessary) for connecting to a LeCroy oscilloscope, and both solder-in and positioner tip solutions.

Further Information

Engineers and technicians who would like to know more can contact LeCroy at 1-800-5LeCroy (1-800-553-2769) or visit the LeCroy web site (http://www.lecroy.com/).

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