Position Transducer comes in foot- and flange-mount models.

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Heavy-duty, geared potentiometer provides dancer roll position feedback signals. Able to handle up to 80 lb of radial load, stainless steel input shaft is supported by double-sealed and prelubricated ball bearings. Unit does not contain internal stops and is mounted in steel box with screw-on cover. Rated for 1 W, it provides better than 1% linearity with infinite resolution and offers over 700 gear ratios from .06-25 turns of input shaft.

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Dancer Roll Position Transducer

Press Release Date: March 31 2004

Body Text: Sussex, NJ - March 31, 2004 - Datatran Labs, inc. has introduced a heavy duty, high precision, geared potentiometer designed to provide dancer roll position feedback signals.

This industrial quality transducer has a large stainless steel input shaft, supported by double sealed and prelubricated ball bearings. The input shaft is coupled to and isolated from a conductive plastic potentiometer element by either one or two stages of precision gearing. The input shaft will handle up to 80 pounds of radial load. The potentiometer does not contain internal stops and thus cannot be damaged by excessive dancer roll travel. The unit is mounted in a steel box with a screw-on cover. Both foot and flange mounted configurations are offered.

The potentiometer is rated for 1 watt and will provide better than 1% linearity with essentially infinite resolution. The rated life expectancy, at full power, is more than 20 million complete cycles. Over 700 gear ratios ranging from .06 turns to 25 turns of the input shaft for full travel are offered. The large range of gear ratios allows the unit to provide full travel on most dancer roll installations. Full potentiometer rotation ensures that the output signal will provide the maximum resolution and contain the minimum amount of induced electrical noise. External user connections are made to a terminal block, inside the enclosure. All units will operate from -65 degrees to +125 degrees C.

Common options include special input shafts, stainless steel enclosures, zero backlash gears, low torque models, plug-in connector and electronic end of travel limit switches. The dancer position transducer is available now, directly from the factory or selected industrial distributors. List prices start at $320.00 (Quantity one).

Datatran Labs, Inc. has been supplying the industrial market with electronic control components and systems since 1968. For a catalog or additional information, contact Datatran Sales at (845) 856-4313 or visit our web site at www.datatranlabs.com.

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