Position Synchronizer operates at frequencies up to 3 kHz.

Press Release Summary:

Used for integration of 3-D sensors in any 3-5 axis CNC machines or manual systems, Optimet Position Synchronizer module records encoders' output and synchronizes accurate position up to 3 system axis together with sensor measurements. It supports rotational and linear optical or magnetic encoder inputs, and offers step and direction differential signals and A&B in phase quadrature differential signals. Module provides 32-bit sensors counter for encoder readings/commands for each axis.

Original Press Release:

OPS, 3 Axis Position Recording & Synchronization with Optimet 3-D Sensors

Operation modes:

o Sensor operates at frequencies up to 3Khz in standard "Time" mode.
o Upon each "Start of Measurement" all 3 counters (for 3 axis) are zeroed in the sensor firmware, and a new counter starts based on each encoder input.
o Encoders are latched at mid time of the sensor measurement.
o Measurement data stream: each measurement is provided with the 3 axis encoders count readings positive or negative according to direction
o Electrical interface: +5V (supply for encoders), CMOS Levels.

The OPS module method of operation:

o System encoders signal counts or motion commands (from up to 3 axis), including direction, are received and recorded by the sensor in real time up to 25MHz.
o The position readings are synchronized with the sensor Z (distance) measurements.
o The measurement data stream (from the sensor to the PC) includes the 3 encoders' recorded positions with the synchronized sensor distance measurements.

Additional information:

o Rotational and linear optical or magnetic Encoder inputs are supported.
o A&B in phase quadrature differential signals
o Encoder Line Count multiplied by 4 (A&B signals X rise / fall edges for each signal).
o Step and Direction differential signals.
o Sensors counter for encoder readings / commands in 32 bit (for each axis).

Jerusalem, February 2009 - Optimet, a provider of sophisticated Non-Contact measurement sensors, introduces the Optimet Position Synchronizer (OPS), a special firmware module embedded in Optimet sensor's electronics which records encoders output and synchronizes the accurate position up to 3 system axis together with the sensor measurements. The OPS mode is available with Optimet's ConoProbe Mark 3.0, a non-contact, single-point measuring sensor based on conoscopic holography technology, and the NanoConoprobe sensor that provides unprecedented profile, 3-D measurements, thickness measurement of glass, transparent materials, wet surfaces and mirror surfaces in the same set-up, with resolution of up to several nanometers.

The OPS increases the effective encoder position resolution by a factor of 4 by recording both A&B encoder signals with a high level of synchronization with the sensor measurement. The encoders' signals are received in a dedicated port of the sensor communication box. The OPS module enables simple and cost effective integration of Optimet 3-D sensor in CNC and other machines with a high level of system synchronization and high speed accurate measurements.

The OPS module is used for integration of Optimet 3-D sensors in any 3-5 axis CNC machines or other systems, including manual systems. No special PC cards, special hardware or software is required for the integration.

About Optimet:

Optimet (Optical Metrology Ltd.) - a member of Ophir Optronics group - is a developer and provider of sophisticated Non-Contact measurement sensors and solutions, with up to sub-micron precision, for distance, 2-D & 3-D measurements. Optimet implements practical application of its unique and patented conoscopic holography technology. Established in 1995, Optimet is a member of the Ophir Optronics group, a world leader in laser measurement instruments, optical infra-red components and lens-assemblies. Sold worldwide, with several thousand installations, Optimet products offer measurement solutions for a wide range of markets and applications, among which are the Automotive, Aerospace, Dental CAD/CAM, Steel and LCD/PDP. Optimet solutions and sensors are used for in-process inspection, quality control and reverse engineering applications. Optimet is ISO9000-2001 certified.

Europe: mktg@optimet.com
USA: Sales@optimet.com
Japan: info@ophirjapan.co.jp
China: sales@scan-direct.com.cn

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