Position Sensors suit factory automation applications.

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Series 75S2DC DC-operated, LVDT sensors offer linear measurement ranges from 0-0.100 in. to 0-20.0 in., with 7 intermediate ranges. They operate from 24 Vdc and provide 1-10 Vdc output for full displacement, suitable for PLCs, data acquisition systems, SPC data collection, or display on readout devices. Stainless steel outer housings are epoxy sealed. Integral, electronic signal-conditioning circuit, with ASIC and SMT technology, eliminates need for external conditioners.

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75S2DC Series of DC-operated Industrial LVDT Position Sensors

North Hills, Pennsylvania ...Sentech, Inc. announces its new 75S2DC series of DC-operated industrial LVDT position sensors. Designed specifically for use in factory automation and industrial process applications, the 75S2DC series units offer linear measurement ranges from 0 to 0.100" (0 to 2.54mm) to 0 to 20.0" (0 to 508mm) with a total of 7 intermediate ranges which makes them adaptable for almost any measurement.

The 75S2DC operates from +24 V DC which can be obtained from individual power supplies or, often, from PLCs. These units provide a low noise, +1 to +10V DC output for full displacement, suitable for PLCs, data acquisition systems, SPC data collection or display on readout devices. Other outputs including +1 to +5V DC, +5 to +1V DC and +10 to +1V DC are available. The non-zero based output provides the user with fault detection capability.
Many PLCs have comparator functions which will provide an alarm indication should the LVDT output drop to 0 Volts. This condition would indicate a LVDT or system malfunction.

The 75S2DC units are constructed utilizing stainless steel outer housings and have Epoxy sealing making them suitable for use in factory environments. Each unit contains an integral miniature electronic signal conditioning circuit utilizing ASIC and SMT technology. This circuitry performs all of the necessary functions to eliminate the need for external conditioners, making these units extremely convenient to use.

Applications include hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder position feedback, robotic arm position, spot welder electrode position, dimensional measurement, industrial and packaging weighing, semiconductor process measurements and many others.

Prices begin at $255.00 and delivery is from stock.

For additional information, contact Richard Anderson at Sentech, Inc., 2851 Limekiln Pike, North Hills, PA 19038 U.S.A., Phone: 888-461-8324, FAX: 215-887-8449, E-Mail: sales@.sentechlvdt.com, www.sentechlvdt.com.

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