Position Sensors incorporate visual and remote diagnostics.

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Temposonics® G-Series magnetostrictive, shock- and vibration-resistant position sensors utilize red and green LED indicator lights to aid in installation and maintenance troubleshooting. Mounted directly on top of sensor, LEDs indicate status of each sensor, including normal operation, programming mode, and errors. Information communicated through serial communications may also be viewed via computer monitor for remote diagnostic capabilities.

Original Press Release:

MTS Temposonics® Incorporate Built-In Diagnostics to Sensor Designs

LED indicator lights and remote diagnostics reduce troubleshooting and maintenance time...

CARY, N.C. (February 23, 2004) - MTS Temposonics announces the addition of built-in visual and remote diagnostics beginning with its Temposonics G-Series line of position sensors. As the first series to include diagnostic features, the G-Series enables faster installation and maintenance troubleshooting to reduce machine downtime. Red and green LED indicator lights are mounted directly onto the top of the sensor for quick visual indication of status and errors. The information may also be viewed via computer monitor for remote diagnostic capabilities.

"A majority of calls to customer support are for maintenance issues that may easily be indicated or resolved by these LEDs," said Applications Engineering and Field Service Manager, Marcus Ragan. "These new diagnostics will help narrow down the cause of typical errors or installation issues and reduce the time it takes to resolve them and get back up and running."

The G-Series' diagnostic LED lights will indicate the status of each sensor including normal operation, the programming mode (either by infrared or RS-422/RS-485 serial communication), errors such as missing magnets, faulty controller interface signal, power out of range problems or other options. These features facilitate sensor programming and commissioning by providing positive maintenance feedback for speedier installation and setup. By communicating through serial communications, the sensor provides a more sophisticated level of diagnostics directed at the control engineer.

MTS Sensor's G-Series is a new generation of Temposonics magnetostrictive position sensors that provide highly accurate and reliable position measurement. The G-Series is backward compatible with MTS' L and Temposonics II Series sensors. The G-Series is ideal for plastic injection molding, wood cutting or other OEM machinery requiring shock and vibration resistant sensors for highly repeatable and accurate measurement.

For more information on MTS Sensors Group and G-Series diagnostic features, please contact: David Edeal, MTS Sensors Division, 3001 Sheldon Drive, Cary, NC 27513. Phone: (919) 677-0100. E-mail: david.edeal@mts.com.

MTS Sensors is the world leader in magnetostrictive linear displacement technology. MTS Sensors is a global operation, with facilities in the U.S., Germany and Japan. In the U.S., the MTS Sensors Division has an ISO 9001 facility manufacturing rugged and reliable Temposonics position sensors as well as the highly repeatable and accurate Level Plus transmitters and gauges. With a strong commitment to research and development, product quality and customer service, the Sensors Division is constantly seeking ways to bring the highest value to customers.

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