PortionPac® Introduces Safer, Better, Smarter Solutions

CHICAGO - PortionPac Chemical Corporation is pleased to introduce Safer, Better, Smarter Solutions. To meet the needs of customers, PortionPac® has improved its entire product line including formulations, packaging and manufacturing.

This summer PortionPac® will complete its transition to manufacturing operations that will increase production capabilities and dramatically reduce lead times.  Along with production changes, PortionPac® has improved its formulations and upgraded packaging.  "The new formulations will not have hazards according to the OSHA HazCom Standard," said Caryn Stets, marketing director, PortionPac Chemical Corporation.  "That means no pictograms on our labels and SDS."  PortionPac® has also increased their commitment to Green Seal™ to certify the formulations are environmentally responsible and effective.

In addition to the formulation features and benefits, PortionPac® has developed new, single, Pac® brand pouches with permanently printed OSHA and EPA compliant information.  "These are the first steps for our company to meet the needs of customers for the next 50 years and we are excited to introduce our state of the art innovations," said Burt Klein, president, PortionPac Chemical Corporation.

About PortionPac Chemical Corporation

PortionPac Chemical Corporation, founded in 1964, is the leading provider of pre-measured, maximum concentrate, portion control detergents.  PortionPac® believes that cleaning education and support are essential to minimize environmental impact and eliminate the unsafe and ineffective habits of traditional cleaning procedures.  It is through the cleaning systems offered by PortionPac® that customers experience safe, effective, profitable, sustainable cleaning programs that work to improve the human condition.  Please visit http://www.portionpaccorp.com.

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PortionPac Chemical Corporation

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