Portable Wheel Scale Daisy-Chains for Multi-Axle Vehicles

A portable wheel weighing scale that can be linked together for weighing an entire multi-axle vehicle to the prevent overloading of axles and tires is available from Alliance Scale, Inc. of Canton, Massachusetts.

The Alliance/CAS Wheel Weighing Scale is fully portable and accurate to 1% of a vehicle's weight, can handle 150% overload, and up to six scales can be daisy-chained for multi-axle vehicles. Ideal for validating proper load and weight distribution, each scale can operate on battery or AC power and has a 1" LCD to display individual or total weight in pounds or kilograms.

Featuring built-in ramps for driving onto the platform, the Alliance/CAS Wheel Weighing Scale can be used virtually anywhere and runs for 20 hours on a single charge. It provides digital filtering to compensate for vibra-tions and includes a printer port and carrying handle. Scales are offered in 10,000- and 20,000 lb. single- and double-width models.

The Alliance/CAS Wheel Weighing Scale sells for $1,695.00 (single width), $2,195 (double), and is also available for rental.

For more information contact:

Alliance Scale, Inc.

Raymond A. Secour, Jr., Marketing

1020 Turnpike St. / P.O. Box 509

Canton, MA 02021-0509

(800) 343-6802

FAX (781) 828-9510

e-mail: ray@alliancescale.com


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