Portable Tray Filters recycle, reclaim and reuse fluids.

Press Release Summary:

Portable Tray Filters interchangeably filter 1 or several fluids. Sizes are available to fit on top of 55 gal drums or larger tank or pit sizes. When disposable fabric filter media is advanced to clean section, contaminated fluid may be introduced.

Original Press Release:

Portable Tray Filter - An Inexpensive Way To Recycle, Reclaim And Reuse Fluids

If you seek an easy to use piece of equipment to interchangeably filter one or several fluids, this unit fills the bill. Whether you choose the model that fits on top of a 55 gallon drum or one that is sized to fit over a larger tank or pit, simply advance the disposable fabric filter media to a clean section and begin introducing the contaminated fluid. This unit will filter your fluids efficiently and at a low cost.

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