Portable Supercomputer offers massive storage option.

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FlexTop Supercomputer is available with NextPak option, which is attached to lower, back portion of chassis. Designed for single box mass storage, NextPak provides up to five, 2.5 in. HDDs. Specifications include 500 Gb SATA/7, 200 rpm RAID with sustained writes of 120+ Mb/sec, 900 Gb SATA/5,400 rpm RAID with sustained writes of 120+ Mb/sec, or 240 Gb SAS/10 Krpm RAID with sustained writes of 160+ Mb/sec. With NextPak installed, system has 1 free full length PCI Express or PCI-X slot.

Original Press Release:

First FlexTop Supercomputer, the NextDimenison, Now Features a Fixed Massive Storage Option, NextComputing's NextPak

For Immediate Release: December 15, 2006, NextComputing, creators of the first FlexTop, portable supercomputer announce another major feature addition to its portable NextDimension, the NextPak massive storage option. Today's announcement further increases the NextDimension's vast application uses.

"The NextPak option on the NextDimension is ideal for many vertical solutions applications requiring massive data sets and high performance sustained transfers in an all-in-one small footprint, mobile appliance, which could be used as a data recorder and/or data generator, for example." explains Bob Labadini, President and CTO of NextComputing.

The NextPak is designed specifically for single box mass storage needs. Configuration possibilities include up to (5) 2.5" HDDs. The maximum storage and performance specifications include: 500GB SATA/7200 RPM RAID with sustained writes around 120+MB/Sec; or 900GB SATA/5400 RPM RAID with sustained writes around 120+MB/Sec; or 240GB SAS/10KRPM RAID with sustained writes around 160+MB/Sec. The NextPak module is a factory option that is attached to the lower, back portion of the chassis. Very thin at only 1", this mass storage option does not compromise the flextop's small size. With the NextPak installed, the system has one free full length PCI Express or PCI-X slot. The NextPak drives are accessible with thumb screws on the back panel, and the drives themselves can also be removed.

Applications that will benefit tremendously from this configuration of the NextDimension include sniffer applications for data monitoring, traffic generation appliance applications, high speed analog data acquisition, and enterprise class server/virtualization applications where high performance processing is required.

Among the industries NextComputing is targeting with this newest feature are Broadcasting, Oil and Gas, and Military/Intelligence. Within all, applications are emerging where massive storage is needed for capture, analysis, and rendering in the field to reduce costs. Within the Broadcasting industry specifically, virtual sets and digitization require high definition streaming, processing, and graphics together in the studio or remotely. The review of large imagery data sets utilizing a small, portable form factor in one unified box is a prevalent need the NextDimension with NextPak fulfills.

NextComputing also recently announced the availability of the thinnest, lightest weight, 17" flat panel monitors available. One of these monitors can clip right onto the front of the NextDimension with the NextPak option attached to the back. At a total of 2 inches, these options together maintain the NextDimension's small form factor and portability.

The company expects that the flextop can do for high end workstations what laptops did for consumer level desktops. The use of the flat panel monitor on the desktop, with the flextop system with NextPak underneath, creates an optimal, space efficient work area. The system itself, with its high performance AMD Opteron(TM) processors, Open Standards architecture, and multiple I/O options, is inherently flexible. With the announcement of the innovative NextPak, once again, NextComputing has increased the flexibility of its first in class flextop computer.

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