Portable Solution Monitors Engine Temperatures

Grant Squirrel Series for Portable Data Collection

Engineers and technicians working on the factory floor need a portable way to monitor heavy equipment during operation, typically engine temperatures. Now CAS DataLoggers together with Grant Instruments has the portable solution! The high-performance, portable Squirrel SQ2020 series data loggers feature a fully-configurable large graphical LCD display.

These universal-input data loggers take precise readings over a wide range of different measurements. Squirrel data loggers can also operate 'standalone' without a PC, and include setup software with graphing capabilities for data analysis.

Squirrels Collect Data in the Field!

Grant Squirrel series data loggers make it easy to log engine temperature or additional types of data on the factory floor. The bestselling SQ2020 data logger has the versatility to measure several different values including Temperature, Current/Voltage, Resistance, and more.

With lightweight yet robust construction, Squirrel loggers feature multiple 24-bit ADCs for precise measurements. Squirrels are ideal for the most demanding applications, able to record up to 100 readings per second on two channels (SQ2020 2F8 model). Twin processors, up to 16 universal channels, and a choice of communications methods ensure that the Squirrel 2020 series is an out-of-the-box solution.

For example, a Grant data logger can record and store readings from thermocouples to measure temperatures at multiple locations in an engine, cooling system and radiator, monitoring inlet and outlet temperatures as well as the ambient temperature.

Flexible Solutions The Squirrel series is available in 3 configurations:

The SQ2020-1F8 8/16-channel logger,

the SQ2020-2F8 high-speed model,

and the SQ2020-2F8 WiFi wireless data logger.

Popular for their rugged reliability, the handheld and lightweight SQ2020s are powered from internal cells or an external power supply connection. Each Grant data logger features 8 to 16 universal analog inputs and 8 digital inputs, along with 4 pulse rate/counter inputs. 4 alarm outputs notify users whenever measurement values go out of specification.

The SQ2020s are configurable via integral interface or PC and offer both USB and RS232 connectivity. The loggers also offer up to two million points of internal data storage and utilize a removable MMC/SD card.


SQ2020 series data loggers include an easy-to-read graphical LCD screen with clear and simple navigation, fully configurable via the integrated four-button keypad. This saves time and makes data logging away from the office much easier.

Grant loggers can be configured on the factory floor or in the field without needing to connect to a PC or laptop. Logger status, setup and graphical data are all onscreen within minutes of powering on!

Software Included!

Grant Squirrel data loggers also include free SquirrelView configuration and analysis software. SquirrelView's spreadsheet-style interface allows quick set-up of the data logger for any application. Users can also directly export stored data to their chosen PC-based application such as Excel.

The optional SquirrelView Plus adds additional benefits such as graphical data analysis and advanced reporting options.

For more information on the portable Grant SQ2020 series data loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.dataloggerinc.com.

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