Portable Servo-Press Spindles offer capacities to 500 kN.

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Comprised of 18 models with capacities starting at 5 kN, electro-mechanical APS series features synchronous servo motor with integral brake and encoder. Components include inline planetary gearbox or optional right-angle gearbox with toothed belt drive; backlash-free bellows coupling; and strain gauge. Compressive and tensile forces up to 500 kN can be implemented at stroke lengths to 1,200 mm. Positioning accuracy is 0.01 mm, and max traverse rate is 1,500 mm/sec.

Original Press Release:

Electro-Mechanical Servo-Press System Combines High Capacity, Speed and Portability

(Fairfield, Connecticut November 15, 2006)

Blue Tiger Engineering GmbH announces its APS line of high capacity electro-mechanical servo press spindles. The first to offer a large 500 kilo Newton capacity. The entire product line consists of 18 sizes ranging from 5-500 kilo Newton capacity spindle presses. The presses feature a synchronous servo motor with integral brake and encoder. An inline planetary gearbox or optional right angle gearbox with toothed belt drive. A backlash free bellows coupling and high precision strain gauge with 0.5% and transversal load compensation for precise electronic control of speed, dwell and force for all pushing and pulling applications. Speeds up to 1500 millimeters per second are possible via the robust planetary roller screw drive and heavy duty spline shaft tappet.

The APS system achieves new levels of precision and rate of traverse. With the Blue Tiger APS System, compressive and, in particular, tensile forces up to 500 kN can be implemented at stroke lengths of up to 1200 mm. Positioning accuracy is 0.01mm and the maximum rate of traverse is 1500 mm/s, which is greater than other electromechanical presses currently on the market. The modular spindle presses are portable and adaptable to the configuration needed. They can be retro-fitted to existing machine bases and work-holding mechanisms allow a complete changeover from fluid power to electro-mechanical servo drives readily and very cost effectively.

Blue Tiger presses have considerable advantages over hydraulic and pneumatic systems with regard to size, power consumption and ease of maintenance. However, the crucial factor is the highly accurate control of force and position during the application of compressive or tensile force, which makes inline process monitoring very easy to implement. Faced with new technologies and materials, hydraulic press systems are increasingly coming up against their technical limits. Composite materials for sophisticated constructions in the auto industry with carbon fiber, aluminum, steel and fiberglass must be joined with great precision, conventional technologies, such as welding or screwing together can no longer be used. Blue tiger presses also overcome the inherent disadvantages of fluid power systems, such as their extraordinary size, a possible loss of pressure while compressing, the need for a hydraulic power pack, and the environmental negatives associated with lubricants and hydraulic fluids. Servo controlled spindle presses use energy only when operating eliminating the need for fluid storage and constant pressure.

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