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Portable Over/Under Scales have rugged, easy to clean design.

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Nov 10, 2011 - Featuring open, stainless steel construction capable of withstanding repeat washdowns, ICS4_9 and ICS6_9 portable food scales can be configured for variety of manual portioning and checkweighing tasks. ColorWeight® displays reduce eyestrain, and audit quality tracking enhances traceability. Benchprint and design allow integration at various points along processing line, and each model is available with 3 terminal mounting options. Built-in battery and WLAN capability are also standard.

Mettler-Toledo International Inc. - Greifensee, CHE

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New Over/Under Scales Speed Production, Improve Hygiene

Press release date: Nov 07, 2011

With open, stainless steel construction that stands up to repeat wash downs, new, portable METTLER TOLEDO ICS4_9 and ICS6_9 food scales help manufacturers address both food safety and bottom line pressure at the same time. ColorWeight® displays reduce eyestrain; audit quality tracking enhances traceability. Production becomes faster, more transparent and ultimately more profitable.

METTLER TOLEDO introduces ICS4_9 and ICS6_9. These rugged, easy to clean and portable scale models make up a new family of over/under scales that can be configured to a wide variety of manual portioning and checkweighing tasks to help speed up production and thus enhance profitability in harsh environments where hygiene counts.

"Food manufacturers are being called upong to address growing international food safety concerns. But they must also contend with pressure on their bottom lines, which means production speed, as well as scale versatility and durability, is also critical," explained METTLER TOLEDO food segment specialist Mr. Markus Diefenbach. METTLER TOLEDO has responded with an open, stainless steel construction in the ICS models. When coupled with double sealed displays, this significantly improves the scales' durability in repeated high pressure/high heat washdown situations.

A small benchprint and portable design mean easy integration at many points along a processing line. ColorWeight®-enabled displays improve operator throughput by giving immediate feedback if a portion is over or under tolerance so he or she can move more product in less time. Intuitive keypads and multiple language options further enhance ease of use and processing speed.

Every ICS4_9 and ICS6_9 model is available with three different terminal mounting options: compact, column mounted, or separate weigh terminal. A built in battery and WLAN capability allow quick pick up and go,too.

As far as critical software capabilities, ICS models include data log functionality also known as alibi memory-for safe process parameter storage and easy scanner and label printer integration. They also include an internal database to archive product records and a variety of interface options to assure easy connectivity with existing data management systems.

Load cells include potted aluminum IP65 protected versions through hermetically sealed stainless steel IP69k protected versions. Manufacturers can choose the appropriate load cell design based on their specific environment and cleaning procedures. By doing so, parts and equipment need less maintenance and are not replaced as often. This increases uptime and reduces ownership costs over the life of the scale.

Ultimately, manufacturers invest less and get more. "The design and configuration options of the ICS4_9 and ICS6_9 series, backed by METTLER TOLEDO precision, enhances production processes for faster, safer and ultimately more compliant food processing," Mr. Diefenbach said.

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