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Suited for in-house or in-field use, MicroLumi-L2 glow microplate luminometer features digital-photon-counting photomultiplier tube detector, linear dynamic-range of 7 decades, and spectral response of 300-650 nm with no cross-talk from nearby wells. This 12 lb instrument can be operated using 100-240 Vac current or 12 Vdc power source and has structural features designed to minimize effects of shock and vibration. Sensitivity is rated at 10-20 moles of luciferase.

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New Microplate Luminometer and NIST Traceable Luminometer Check Plate from Harta Instruments

GAITHERSBURG, Md., March 16 -- Scientists who want to ensure reliable chemiluminescent sensitivity and specificity measurements for their tests should consider the MicroLumi-L2 glow microplate luminometer, the successor to the popular MicroLumi-XS luminometer, and the LRM168-96 Luminometer Reference Microplate, both designed and manufactured in the USA by Harta Instruments, Gaithersburg, MD. Both instruments are designed to exacting quality standards with ruggedness, precision, and lasting reliability in mind.

The specifications for the MicroLumi-L2 instrument include a digital-photon-counting photomultiplier tube detector, linear dynamic-range of 7-decades and a spectral response of 300-650 nm with essentially no cross-talk from nearby wells. This sturdy, compact instrument can be operated using either a 100VAC-240VAC house current or a 12VDC power source for use in the field, a role for which the MicroLumi-L2 is well suited, with its small footprint and 12-pound weight. The sturdy construction incorporates structural features to minimize the effects of shock and vibration to ensure it will always perform at exacting specifications, whether on the laboratory bench or at multiple sites in the field.

The proprietary Digital-Photon-Counting system yields the highest sensitivity while maintaining extremely low background noise. The instrument sensitivity is rated at 10-20 moles of luciferase. The software is user-friendly, allowing the user to select specific wells for reading, facilitating a seamless export into Microsoft Excel, and gives a read time of approximately 100 seconds per 96-well plate.

Scientists who want to ensure that their luminometers are performing to manufacturer's specifications should consider the Harta Instruments Luminometer Reference Microplate, LRM168-96. The Luminometer Reference Plate, also called Luminometer Calibration Plate or Luminometer Standard Plate, constructed from anodized aluminum, consists of 8 wells containing 7 decades of battery-generated constant light via a patented linear optical attenuator system that incorporates very stable LED light sources to verify proper sensitivity, linearity, stability and dynamic range of any 96-well luminometer.

The design incorporates dual light sources on dual redundant circuits to provide a feedback mechanism to ensure stability of the light source and fail-safe readings. The LRM168-96 is compatible with any microplate luminometer that accepts standard 96-well microtiterplate.

The system is powered by lithium-ion batteries with a separate battery check indicator and power switch. Ruggedness is demonstrated by the long-term stability of the specified light-levels. The fail-safe system warns the user if there is a failure within the plate, such as weak battery. The calibration plate comes in a padded jewel case that includes a spare battery pack, activation tools, screwdriver, and spare screws for the battery compartment.

NIST traceable standard plates are available and annual NIST traceable recertification / recalibration service is provided by Harta Instruments.

Harta Instruments is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier of luminometer / chemiluminescence reference systems to some of the most prominent companies in the industry, and are used by many educational, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical customers around the world. Multi Wavelengths Fluorescence, PMT and CCD camera calibration systems are also available.

John T. Lee
Harta Instruments Inc.
(301) 948-8868

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