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Portable Label Printers accommodate wide range of media.

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Jul 19, 2013 - Featuring snap-in front-loading cartridge that shows tape size, color, type, and quantity, BEE3®-EZ printers produce adhesive, iron-on, magnetic, glow-in-the-dark, cable, flag, and bar code labels as well as heat shrink tubes. Users can make custom permanent labels and heat shrink tubes in 60+ sizes and colors. QWERTY style keyboard, LCD prompts, and Euro-Latin hot key facilitate access to 204 international characters as well as 1,000+ symbols, arrows, and other graphics plus 8 bar codes.

K-Sun Corporation - Somerset, WI

Original Press Release

New K-Sun BEE3®-EZ Label Printers Make Labeling, Bar Code and Heat Shrink Tube Printing Very Easy, Portable & Affordable

Press release date: Jul 16, 2013

SOMERSET, WI | The new K-Sun BEE3® EZ label printers make adhesive, iron-on, magnetic, glow-in-the-dark, cable, flag and bar code labels and heat shrink tubes very easy, portable and affordable.

Quickly make custom permanent labels and heat shrink tubes in more than 60 sizes and colors for wire and cable identification, equipment, electrical and IT, medical and laboratory marking, plus safety and warning labels.

BEE3-EZ printers have hot keys for five sizes/14 fonts for creating vertical and horizontal cable and flag label formats.

With an unconditional three-year warranty, the BEE3-EZ is ideal for many applications in the field or on site, in warehouses, plants, labs, offices, shop and schools.

The BEE3-EZ prints on heat-shrink tube, adhesive, glow-in-the dark, magnetic, iron-on, flag, cable and polyester adhesive tapes from 4 mm (1/6”) to 18 mm (3/4”). The BEE3-EZ+ printer uses up to 18 mm (3/4”) size including heat shrink tube.

A QWERTY-style keyboard, LCD prompts in English and Spanish as well as a Euro-Latin hot key give easy access to 204 international characters.

More than 1,000 symbols, arrows and other graphics plus eight bar codes make custom labels for asset tracking, product identification, pricing, inventory and other needs.

The print preview function offers a review the label before printing, saving time and wasted material and preventing mistakes. An easy snap-in front-loading cartridge shows tape size, color, type and quantity. The BEE3-EZ printers are portable with a frame handle and nylon wrist strap.

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