Portable IR Thermometer takes non-contact measurements.

Press Release Summary:

Accurate to ±0.5% of reading over 570-2,370°F temperature range, IRtec P1300 helps detect and prevent temperature-based malfunctions. Laser pinpointing identifies center of measuring area from distance, no focusing required. With enough data memory to store 500 records, unit captures actual max, average, min, and DeltaT temperature measurements. It features programmable alarms, RS232 PC communication, as well as aux Tc K and S input for automatic emissivity setting.

Original Press Release:

NEW IRtec P1300

Non - Contact Portable Infrared Thermometer

E Instruments offers the NEWEST IRtec P1300, Portable Infrared Thermometer for numerous temperature related applications and uses. This economical, rugged and accurate (± 0.5% of rdg) thermometer is widely used throughout different industries and applications.

The IRtec P1300 provides laser pinpointing to easily identify the center of a measuring area from a distance, making it easy to measure those impossible areas. The P1300 can help detect and prevent any temperature-based malfunctions on various applications such as bearings, motors, switchboards, conductors, transformers, thermal insulations, HACCP, HVAC, and more.

The P1300 version is designed to measure very small targets at a distance (e.g. Electronic components)

o ±0.01% Temperature Stability

o Actual max, average, min, and DeltaT temperature measurements

o Data Memory (500 records)

o Programmable Alarms

o Calibration Report

o Alkaline or Rechargeable Battery

o RS232 PC Communication

o Aux Tc K and S Input for AUTOMATIC emissivity setting

o No Focusing Required

o Laser Pinpointing System

o Temperature Range from 570°F to 2370°F

For additional information, Please contact: E Instruments' IRtec Department, Attention: David Atkinson, 172 Middletown Blvd., Suite B201, Langhorne, PA 19047
Tel: 215-750-1212, Fax: 215-750-1399
Email: info@einstrumentsgoup.com, www.einstrumentsgroup.com

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