Portable, Hands-Free Sinks reduce cross-contamination.

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Portable, hands-free sinks are operated by heavy-duty foot pump, which dispenses 2 oz of water upon each actuation - sufficient to simultaneously rinse both hands and conserve water. One model is mounted on wheels, and optional features include heated water for increased comfort and help in loosening dirt/germs. Each sink consists of single basin unit complete with soap and paper towel dispensers.

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All Safety Products Inc to Distribute New Portable Hands Free Sinks with Foot Pump

All Safety products will distribute a complete range of new portable hands free Sinks this summer in time for outdoor events or workplaces.

The new portable sinks are truly hands free and easy to operate using a heavy duty and reliable foot pump. Suitable for many uses the portable sinks free up the hands for washing and reduces the chance for cross contamination from the use of standard taps. The new hands free sinks allow better hand washing technique since the hands are truly free to easily rub together. The hand rubbing friction combined with fresh flowing water and soap helps loosen the dirt and possible pathogens on the hands and then rinses both hands more effectively. The hands free foot pumps dispense 2 ounces of water each time the pump is activated sufficient to rinse both hands and conserve water at the same time.

Other optional features in portable hand washing sinks include heated water for increased comfort and helps in loosening the dirt and germs on the hands as well as making the soap work better. Workers will be healthier if they wash their hands regularly thus reducing absenteeism.

One particular model of portable hands free sink is mounted on wheels similar to a hand truck design. The sink is a single basin unit complete with soap and paper towel dispensers. When water runs out antiseptic foam that kills 99% of germs on hands, including E. coli and salmonella can be made available. This portable sink is easy to fill, easy to transport and easy to service.

Adequate hand wash stations in high-risk areas will enhance the safety of workplaces and events. The stations should be located in highly visible areas and signs should be posted to inform people of their existence. Public education should also include signs that remind everyone to wash hands before eating, drinking, or preparing food.

To order online or RFQ any of the portable hand Free sinks or towelette dispensers or hand sanitizing foam dispensers, please see detailed specifications, pricing and ordering information, allsafetyproducts.biz. All hand wash sinks and hand sanitizing dispensers carry a one-year, 100% manufacturer's warranty for any manufacturer defects in the workmanship of the products.

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All Safety Products Inc distributes a full range of safety products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Industry & Government. Many of the Safety products are OSHA and FDA compliant or NSF certified (when appropriate) and include: clothing, footwear, hand protection, monitors, respiratory protection, eye wash stations, hand wash stations, hand sanitation products, personal ventilation equipment, eye protection, portable sinks, plant maintenance equipment, personal fall arrest systems, first aid, face & head protection, hearing protection, safety videos and training materials.

Qualified clients and customers can take advantage of GSA contract pricing and view GSA selected portable sinks at portahandwash.com/gsacontractinformation. There is a complete portable sink product line available at www.portahandwash.com.

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