Portable Graphics Workstation Incorporates ATI FireGL V7350 Graphics Accelerator

First Portable, Graphics Engineering Workstation Incorporates ATI FireGL(TM) V7350 Graphics Accelerator

For Immediate Release: On September 26, 2006, NextComputing, creators of the first FlexTop, mobile graphics workstation, announced the availability of the ATI FireGL(TM) V7350 graphics accelerator board on its 'first in class' NextDimension computer.

NextComputing is the first computer design company to offer a mobile graphics workstation that incorporates ATI's ultra high end FireGL(TM) V7350 with Avivo(TM) Technology. ATI describes its newest workstation class card as the highest end graphics accelerator designed for the most complicated 3D models, the largest data sets, and highest definition textures. Intended for high performance graphics workstations, ATI 7350 delivers the performance and features for the most demanding 3D graphics applications. NextComputing's FlexTop computer, the NextDimension enables this level of performance to be portable, a capability unprecedented in the graphics industry.

NextComputing's NextDimension is powered by Single- or Dual-Core AMD Opteron(TM) processor technology, supporting both the 940 based core, and the imminent incorporation of next-generation AMD Opteron(TM) processors. NextComputing works closely with AMD for design and visibility enhancements and will continue to support AMD's roadmap and planned upgradeability to native quad-core. This new technology utilizes the same thermal design power envelope of its Next-Generation AMD Opteron(TM) processors, designed to enable customers to increase computing capacity without altering datacenter infrastructure.

On July 24, AMD and ATI announced a plan to join forces, combining AMD's technology leadership in microprocessors with ATI's strengths in graphics. NextComputing stands poised to take full advantage of the merger's expected results: better innovation and choice for customers in commercial and mobile computing segments, both requiring ever increasing high performance CPU and GPU capabilities.

The NextDimension's Open Standards architecture, 64-bit multi-OS support, and the ability to run OpenGL and DirectX -compliant animation and digital creation applications compliments ATI's FireGL(TM) line. ATI has thoroughly tested and certified the 7350 all major Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Digital Content Creation (DCC) applications to ensure optimized performance and compatibility. The FireGL(TM) V7350 also provides Dual Link outputs, each capable of driving ultra-high resolution cinema/widescreen monitors, allowing NextComputing's FlexTop to effectively port applications from place to place while enabling a plug and play solution for massive multi-monitor display.

"ATI's FireGL(TM) 7350 simply enhances the unmatched performance of our FlexTop. We see this feature enhancement as well as many other recent and upcoming graphics related upgrades, as an enabler for high end apps. that can only be portable when utilizing the NextDimension. Mobile broadcast editing, on-site production, on-set digital editing, green-screen compositing, and production, 3D animation applications will perform comparably to your desktop graphics workstation anywhere you need to be", relates Bob Labadini, President and CTO of NextComputing.

NextComputing designed this portable FlexTop computer, the NextDimension, as a tool for CAD/CAM, DCC, Oil and Gas and Visualization markets to perform compute-intensive 3D graphics applications anywhere.

About NextComputing: NextComputing is known in the HPC community as innovators for its engineering design talents, bringing to market the smallest, portable form factors with features capable of the most compute intensive applications.

Contact: Laura P. Cooper
Corporate phone: 603-886-3874

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