Portable Fuse Cutter feature automatic cleaner.

Press Release Summary:

Portable Fuse Cutter can cut 1/32 in. to 1/16 in. cable. Unit comes with tool box consisting of accessories and prevents cable fraying. Product can cut and fuse aircraft cable in seconds. Fuse cutter comes with internal fan which prevents overheating.

Original Press Release:

New Portable Fuse Cutter - Cost Effective Tool for Field Use

Griplock® Systems is proud to introduce something new to its lineup - a Portable Fuse Cutter. This tool cuts is portable, easy to use, and cuts and fuses aircraft cable in seconds, preventing cable fraying. It naturally forms a solid end so that wires will not split and fray. The cable is cut and sealed all at once.

"We have had customers ask us for years how they can cut cable in the field without it fraying,"states Ryan Kwast, VP of Sales and Engineering. "In the past, you would have to cut with manual cutters and either put a dab of super glue - not very effective, or solder the end - which isn't very practical in the field. The Portable Fuse Cutter is fast, effective, easy to use in the field, and affordable."

Standard table top fuse cutting machines can cost $7,000 - $8,000 or more and are not useful in the field. This new tool costs a fraction of that and is extremely portable. It has an internal fan, preventing overheating and decreasing down time, and the automatic cleaner keeps your fuse cutter in tip-top shape. It can cut 1/32" to 1/16" cable and comes with a tool box full of accessories.

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