Portable Forensic Tool promotes document security.

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Featuring software architecture that enables addition of multiple plug-ins, iDetector Mobile lets users check security features via interchangeable light sources, magnification lenses, and digital camera. Specific software plug-in can be used to embed authentication software, turning unit into completely autonomous tool for field authentication. Additional software plug-ins are available for verifying presence of Stealth SI and reading several bar-code standards.

Original Press Release:

Graphic Security Systems Launches an Embedded Software Plug-In for the iDetector Mobile Authentication Device for Brand Protection and Document Security

LAKE WORTH, Fla., Nov. 10 -- Graphic Security Systems Corporation today announced a release of the iDetector Mobile authentication device. The iDetector, a portable forensic tool for checking a multitude of security features using lightweight, interchangeable light sources, magnification lenses, and digital camera, was met with great enthusiasm by brand owners and forensic examiners. In order to extend the iDetector capabilities beyond optical verification of packaging and documents, Graphic Security Systems Corporation (GSSC) has developed a software plug-in for the iDetector firmware. This plug-in can be used to embed authentication software into the iDetector, making it a completely autonomous tool for field authentication. The authentication software is executed using the iDetectors' microprocessor and the results are immediately shown on the camera screen.

GSSC has already released a software plug-in to verify the presence of Stealth SI, GSSC's state-of-the-art covert security feature. Software plug-ins for reading several bar-code standards have also been developed, with many more on the way. The software architecture enables adding multiple plug-ins to the same device, thus making it possible to check for multiple security features that require software verification. GSSC works closely with several leading companies in brand protection and the document security industry to design custom software plug-ins for their security products.

"Modern brand protection and document security solutions almost always use multiple layers of security. The main obstacle for the effective field authentication has been a necessity of using several verification tools, often one device for each security element present on the product. This makes the field authentication a very cumbersome process, and severely limits effectiveness of the multi-layered approach to the security design. With the iDetector Mobile we hope to provide a missing link -- a simple tool that can perform verification of multiple security elements present on the protected product. We strongly believe that the integration of several security features provides a level of protection that is much bigger than sum of its parts, and that's why we work closely with our partners to add software plug-ins for their products to the iDetector Mobile software library," said GSSC's President & Chief Operating Officer, Thomas C. Alasia.

Graphic Security Systems Corporation (GSSC) is an anti-counterfeiting technology company providing state-of-the-art document security and brand protection solutions. GSSC products range from easy on-the-spot authentication to sophisticated encoded digital files, and are featured on billions of packages, passports, currencies and more. GSSC patented security technology has provided cost-effective security solutions to security-sensitive organizations for 25+ years. Currently, Graphic Security Systems Corporation holds more than 40 patents on security technology for the Brand Protection and Document Security field in the US and worldwide. iDetector is a trademark of Graphic Security Systems Corporation. For additional information visit: graphicsecurity.com/ .

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