Portable Flue-Gas Analyzer utilizes NDIR technology.

Press Release Summary:

GreenLine Model 8000 incorporates electrochemical technologies, per EPA CTM-022, to monitor combustion efficiency, safety, and environmental emissions in combustion process applications. Detachable, handheld Remote Control Unit (RCU) communicates with main gas sampling unit via RS422 link and operates at distances of up to 2,500 ft away. RCU stores up to 9,000 complete sets of data analysis for display, printing, and transferring to PCs.

Original Press Release:

GreenLine 8000 'Portable' Flue Gas Analyzer

[Latest NDIR Technology - as per EPA CTM-022]

The E Instruments GreenLine Model 8000 incorporates the most advanced ElectroChemical technologies with NDIR to monitor Combustion Efficiency, Safety, and Environmental Emissions in all combustion Process Applications.

Measures and Monitors:
O2, CO, CO%, NO, NO2, SO2, CO2, CxHy, H2S,
Efficiency, Velocity, Draft, Tambient, Tgas, COambient, RH%
Gas Leak Detection, Aux mA Inputs

A unique, detachable, hand-held Remote Control Unit communicates with the Main Gas Sampling Unit via an RS422 link and can operate at a considerable distance (over 2500 feet away). The RCU is used to display data, store the analysis in memory, to print the data, and to transfer the data to a PC. The RCU can store up to 9000 complete sets of data analysis in memory.

For additional information please contact E Instruments' marketing department, attention Scott Bell, tel: 609 882 1500, fax: 609 882 0733,
email: info@einstrumentsgoup.com, 127 Walters Ave. Trenton, NJ 08638

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