Portable End-to-End Wireless Simulation Solution

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - May 26 , 2020- GL Communications Inc., a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, addressed the press regarding their portable End-to-End Wireless Network Simulation Test Suite (4G LTE + IMS, 3G, 2G).

The complete simulation suite is installed on a portable high-performance lunch-box PC which includes a base station for a full-fledged wireless network. Users can connect phones, make calls, send text messages, and browse the web.

“GL's Wireless Network Simulation Test Suite (4G LTE + IMS, 3G, 2G) provides a full-fledged “Live Network” at your company premises in any customized package to suit your test requirements. The test suite provides reliable integrated solutions to vendors and service providers for simulating, monitoring, troubleshooting any wireless network, including 4G, 3G, 2G and upcoming 5G. The test suite is an invaluable tool for protocol characterization and testing, performance measurement, training, and education”, said Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of GL Communications.

He further added, “One can setup a complete virtual real-time network simulating all the network elements. Alternatively, any of the network elements in the architecture can be replaced with the user's device under test to perform single interface, multi-interface, or wrap-around testing. Complex scenarios such as roaming, handovers, inter-network calls can be easily achieved”.

“The Test Suite is enhanced to support a variety of procedures for testing inter-operability between the networks simulating Voice, and SMS (Circuit Switched traffic) and web browsing (Packet Switched traffic) with roaming/non-roaming users in the network. The test suite supports feature testing of real eNodeB/NodeB/BTS”.

About GL Communications Inc.
GL Communications Inc is a global provider of telecom test and measurement solutions.

GL’s solutions are widely used to verify quality and reliability of Wireless (4G LTE, 3G, 2G), SONET/SDH, Ethernet/IP, TDM, and PSTN networks.

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