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Portable e-Notepad includes built-in 3G and WiFi.

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Jan 10, 2011 - Equipped with 7 in. screen, EKING S700 adopts original handwriting input technology, which records writers' calligraphy completely and supports original handwriting storage. Unit boots in 1 second and displays original colors of books, magazines, and newspapers. While reading e-book, users can make notes with handwriting annotation function. EKING S700 supports mobile office functions such as meeting minutes, long-distance documented approval, hand-drawn sketches, and editing documents.

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The World's First E-notepad EKING S700 Debut at CES 2011

Press release date: Jan 06, 2011

LAS VEGAS, -- The world's first e-notepad - EKING S700 made its debut at CES 2011. It is on display during CES 2011 at EKING booth #35858, South Hall 4, LVCC. The audience has an opportunity to immediately experience the revolutionary mobile office products in Las Vegas. Besides, EKING M7, the current thinnest X86 based Tablet PC, is on display as well.

EKING S700 e-notepad is the outcome of Guangxuntong's many years of research & development. It is mainly for mobile officing, and has entertainment functions at the same time. As a revolutionary product, EKING S700 has features as below:

1. Ultra portable - you can get online at anytime and anywhere. EKING S700 is convenient for carrying because of its 7-inch screen and 600g of weight. It is the world's first e-notepad which has built-in 3G & WiFi, so you can connect to the internet whenever and wherever you are.

2. EKING S700 adopts the latest handwriting technology - original handwriting input technology. Original handwriting technology is the third generation input technology which follows the keyboard input and traditional handwriting input technology. It can record writers' calligraphy completely, support original handwriting storage, and it can help people to write smoothly and record in their original handwriting style.

3. The advent of EKING S700 marks a major breakthrough in the paperless office. With original handwriting input and specialized software, EKING S700 can be widely used in mobile officing, such as handwritten mails, handwriting annotation, meeting minutes, original handwritten signatures, long-distance documented approval, hand-drawn sketches, editing documents, recording, etc.

4. Instantly boot in one second. In just one click, EKING S700 will boot in one second. User can work immediately. It is consistent with the convenient and efficient requirements of a mobile office.

5. Starting an era of colored digital reading. Compared to general e-books, EKING S700 has three major advantages: First, it is colorful and has high definition. EKING S700 can truly display the original colors of books, magazines, newspapers and so on, especially pictures. Second, you cannot only read the e-book, but also make notes with handwriting annotation function while you are reading. Third, EKING S700 has various functions, with the e-book being only one of its functions. It is a cost-effective product.

The advent of EKING S700 e-notepad caused a great shock in the industry. Relevant experts believe that mobile internet terminal market will have the following trends:

1. Original handwriting input will become the first choice of consumers. Since the original handwriting input technology has unparalleled advantages, more and more products will adopt the technology.

2. With the promotion of the use of the e-notepad, paperless offices and mobile offices will break the bottleneck to achieve significant progress. People can deal with daily work anytime and anywhere via the e-notepad.

3. More and more publications will be issued through e-notepads or other electronic terminals. In the near future, we can see that in subways, buses, cafes and other public places, people will no longer hold a newspaper but will hold e-notepads to read. Students will no longer need to carry heavy school bags, that's because books, papers, and notebooks can all be paperless with an e-notepad.

4. Multi-functional e-notepads will replace the e-book with its simple functions. The e-book will be a transitional product.

Besides the EKING S700 e-notepad, Guangxuntong(E-KING) announced the thinnest X86 based tablet PC - EKING M7. It features a 7-inch 10points multi-touch piezoelectric screen and Intel Atom Z530 processor, DDR2 1GB memory, built-in 3G, WiFi and GPS. 550 grams of weight and 1.7 cm in thickness, EKING M7 is very convenient to carry. What's amazing is that such a thin device has powerful business and entertainment features. EKING M7 supports the most extensive PC software and has VGA, USB, SD card reader, and other comprehensive interfaces.

EKING M7 is China's first well-known brand tablet PC which supports 10 points multi-touch. It adopts the latest piezoelectric touch screen, which integrates the advantages of a capacitive touch screen and resistance touch screen. Its accurate touch induction and sensitive response will bring users a remarkable experience of operation. It represents the trend in tablet PCs.

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