Portable Digital Voice Recorder features pre-record buffer.

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Weighing 3 oz, LS-7 pocket linear PCM audio recorder features pre-record buffer that captures 2 sec of audio before record button is pressed. Unit includes omni-directional microphone that captures frequencies as low as 20 Hz, and two condenser microphones placed at 45° positions for optimal stereo sound. Powered by two AAA batteries, it has 4 GB Flash memory, microSD removable media card slot, speaker, and LCD screen. Product supports WAV, MP3, and WMA formats.

Original Press Release:

New Olympus LS-7 "Pocket" Linear PCM Recorder Features Pre-Record Buffer, Low Frequency Mic, and Voice Guidance in a Compact, Affordable Device

Linear PCM power on a budget: simple-to-operate LS-7 recorder offers
better-than-CD-quality for capturing pristine audio in a handheld unit

CENTER VALLEY, Pa. - Olympus, the market leader for portable digital voice recorders and professional dictation devices, builds on its reputation for incredible audio engineering with the new LS-7 "pocket" linear PCM audio recording device. Compared to previous LS series recorders, the LS-7 offers cutting-edge innovative features like a pre-record buffer that captures seconds of audio before the record button is pressed, an omni-directional mic to pick up lower bass frequencies, a switchable low-cut filter that eliminates unwanted low-frequency noise and voice guidance for users with assistive needs. The new features come in a compact, lightweight, sleek metal body with uncompressed 24 bit/96 kHz Linear PCM recording format for digital stereo recordings at an affordable price, providing further proof that Olympus lets you capture it all.

"The Olympus LS-7 Linear PCM recorder is compact and easy to operate, but technologically speaking, there is nothing small or simple about this device," said Amy Leslie, product manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc. "Whether you are a musician who wants to record practices, shows or song ideas; a nature enthusiast with a passion for capturing bird songs; a journalist or broadcaster; a choir or theater director or just someone who demands exceptionally clear, crisp sound, the LS-7 is must-have gear."

An Ultra-Portable, Studio-Grade Recorder

At just 4.4 inches and weighing 3 ounces, the robust LS-7 literally fits into any pocket. Additionally, like its LS series brethren, the device features uncompressed 24 bit/96kHz linear PCM recording capability to capture rich, dynamic sound quality. It has the versatility to record and play back in WAV, MP3 and WMA formats with either its internal mics or by plugging in an external mic.

The LS-7's value extends beyond the realm of music. Nature lovers can capture vivid, ambient sounds while journalists can record broadcasts and podcasts with professional audio that's ready for the airwaves or digital streaming. The device is also a valuable tool for multimedia artists who want to record high-quality audio to accompany video and still photography.

More Audio, Less Compromise

Equipped with a generous 4 gigabytes of internal flash memory, the LS-7 easily captures lengthy, uncompressed PCM recordings. It also features a microSD removable media card slot. Users can effortlessly move files between internal and external memory to help manage storage. Ideal for extended recording sessions, the LS-7 operates on two rechargeable AAA batteries.

Three Mics are Better than Two

Sensitive microphones are of utmost importance to capture the nuance of every note, word or soundfrom low to high tone range. The LS-7 employs two condenser stereo mics and a center, omni-directional mic capable of capturing lower bass ranges as low as 20Hz. The 45-degree outward positions of the two condenser mics enable users to record with wider stereo sound. Its flat frequency response characteristic generated by new code achieves natural recording quality.

In addition, the LS-7 can play back audio on its built-in speaker, allowing more than one person to listen to a recording simultaneously. This is great for collaborating musicians who want to evaluate the recording progress on the fly.

Block Out Unwanted Sound

When trying to record ambient sounds such as a babbling brook or bird call, background noise can prove incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, the LS-7 features a switchable low-cut filter that enables users to eliminate low-frequency sound from 100Hz and 300Hz. Unwanted background noises, like the rumble of a distant car or the strains of an air conditioning unit, can be greatly minimized.

Never Miss a Beat

One of the great features on the LS-7 is its pre-record buffer. It allows the LS-7 to capture two seconds of audio before the record button is depressed. It helps ensure users won't miss the opening notes of a song, the first words of an interview or a call in the wild.

Making Recording Accessible for Everyone

Another key LS-7 feature is voice guidance, whereby the recorder can provide audio prompts for users with assistive needs. This helps the user operate the device without needing to see the menus or buttons. Artists with visual or learning disabilities have long been faithful Olympus users. The LS-7 is the first Linear PCM Recorder built with them in mind.

The LS-7's relatively large, 1.69-inch backlit LCD screen is easy to read and shows file information, recording time and events clearly. A user-friendly thumb pad provides easy control to play or stop a recording, adjust volume level, fast-forward and rewind with a simple touch. Erase and File List buttons are positioned below the thumb pad for easy access.

Sleek Look in a Company Package

The LS-7 features a lightweight aluminum, black body with silver function buttons and edging on the microphones. At just 4.4 inches and 3 ounces in weight, the LS-7 provides remarkable power in a convenient size.

No Strings Attached with Wireless Remote

An optional RS-30W Wireless Remote empowers users to start and stop the recording of the LS-7 without touching the unit. It is ideal for live performances, as the device can be placed in an optimal recording position and activated at a distance.

Transfer. Edit. Enjoy.

Olympus Sonority®Software is included with the LS-7 to simplify the managing and editing of audio recordings. It allows users to easily download, manage and convert sound files and perform waveform editing on a PC or Mac.


In addition to Olympus Sonority software, the LS-7 is packaged with a USB cable, windscreen, carrying case, two rechargeable AAA batteries, strap, an instruction manual and Olympus warranty card. Optional accessories for the LS-7 include the infrared RS-30W Wireless Remote, WJ2 Wind Jammer and A514 AC adaptor.

Pricing and Availability

The LS-7 provides excellent audio recording at a highly competitive price for a Linear PCM recorder: an estimated street price of $199.99 (U.S.). It will be available in March 2011.


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o Recording formats: Linear PCM, MP3 and WMA

o Frequency response (built-in mics): 20Hz-20kHz (center mic ON) or 70Hz-20kHz (center mic OFF)

o Maximum headphone output: 4.0mW + 4.0mW (at load of 16W)

o Recording Media: 4GB built-in memory / up to 32GB with microSD/SDHC Card
o Peak LED

o Speaker: 20mm diameter, round dynamics speaker (monaural)

o MIC jack: 3.5mm diameter, mini-jack, impedance 2.2kW

o EAR jack: 3.5mm diameter, impedance 8W or more

o Maximum speaker output: 400mW (8W load)

o Pre-recording: PCM 24bit: 1sec / PCM 16bit, MP3, WMA: 2sec

o File editing function: Divide (PCM/MP3), Partial Erase (PCM), Move/Copy

o Automatic recording level

o Limitter ON / Compressor ON / OFF

o Low cut filter: OFF / 100Hz / 300Hz

o Olympus Sonority Sound Editing Software

o Wireless remote control set (RS-30W) (optional)

o Tripod hole

o USB interface: Mass Storage Class (High Speed 2.0) / Audio Class (44.1kHz/16bit)

o Compatible OS (USB connection): Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS X 10.4.1-10.6

o Battery: two AAA batteries (LR03) or two Olympus Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

o External power supply: A514 AC adapter (DC5V) (optional)

o Dimensions (H x W x D): 112 x 39.8 x 15.9 mm

o Weight: 90g (including batteries)

o Over 11 hours (built-in memory) of Linear PCM recording time

o Over 131 hours (built-in memory) of MP3 recording time

o Over 1,007 hours (built-in memory) of WMA recording time

o Included items: Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, CD-ROM(Olympus Sonority Sound Editing Software), USB cable, strap, windscreen, carrying case and manual

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