Portable Data Recorder includes real-time analysis software.

Press Release Summary:

Capable of real-time playback, display, and analysis, DataFlex-515(TM) provides sustained, continuous recording speed of up to 256,000 samples/sec. It weighs less than 20 lb and features two 500 GB HDDs as well as 2 hot-swappable, dual-lithium-ion battery packs that provide total of 100 W output power and 190 W-hr capacity. Flame-retardant design incorporates keyboard and 15 in., anti-glare screen into PC-based, one-box solution with 32-channel capacity and up to 115 kHz bandwidth.

Original Press Release:

DSPCon Introduces DataFlex-515 Ultra-Portable, Battery-Powered Data Recorder with Standard Real-Time Analysis Software; Company Also Announces GSA Listing of DataFlex-1000/1000A Recorders

BRIDGEWATER, NJ, July 1, 2009 - DSPCon, Inc., a leading, global supplier of dynamic data acquisition, analysis, archiving and recording solutions for high-value military, aerospace and rotating machinery applications, today introduced the latest addition to its performance-proven line of data recorders, the DataFlex-515TM.

Effectively rounding out the Company's popular DataFlex family of real-time data recorders, the new DataFlex-515 weighs less than 20 lbs., features real-time playback, display and analysis, and provides a sustained, continuous recording speed of up to 256,000 samples per second. The system is compatible with a variety of common file formats, including DATX/CATS, UFF58, CSV, ATI and others, and features dual 500 Gbyte hard disk drives. Two "hot-swappable", dual-lithium-ion battery packs provide a total of 100 watts of output power and 190-watt-hours of capacity resulting in an impressive four hours of continuous operation in the field.

"DSPCon has had on ongoing commitment to listening closely to our Fortune 100 customers and directly servicing their needs with the right technology solutions for over a decade and a half," said Al Brower, president and chief executive officer of DSPCon, Inc. "We developed the DataFlex-515 to meet our customers' application requirements for a small, powerful recorder with excellent performance and battery-life while addressing their concerns that their technology purchase would be fully supported today, and in the future, by a company that's here to stay."

Positioned as a portable powerhouse for field-intensive applications, the new
DataFlex-515 features a flame-retardant design with fully integrated keyboard and 15-inch, anti-glare screen. Its ease of set-up in the field, along with its rugged outer housing, robust safety features, and extended battery life make it an ideal solution for data and video recording of seismic, flight line, in-flight, and factory floor applications. The DataFlex-515 joins the Company's DataFlex-1000(tm) and DataFlex-1000A(tm) recorders, both of which were recently added to the GSA price list, and the DataFlex-500(tm) to provide a full portfolio of new data acquisition solutions specifically designed to address growing marketplace concerns that older, competitive technology platforms will not be supported in the future by suppliers possibly exiting the global data recorder market.

Availability, Features, Summarized Specifications:

Fully leveraging DSPCon's 17-year reputation and experience as a leading American systems integrator and fully-supported, worldwide, all DataFlex-515 models come complete as fully-integrated, PC-based, one-box solutions featuring an open-standards, non-proprietary design architecture, standard 32-channel capacity, a bandwidth of up to 115 kHz and a fully integrated software suite that includes MultiScopeTM. MultiScope combines the functionality of 32 oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers in one convenient package to deliver real-time, in-line and post-test analysis for a variety of rotating machinery, acoustic frequency, shock and vibration applications. The DataFlex-515 is fully transportable and easily fits in standard aircraft overhead racks. It is available now for immediate delivery.

Feature Highlights:

  • Records data while performing displays and real-time data tests at bandwidths up to 115kHz
  • Sustained, continuous recording speed of up to 256,000 samples/second/channel
  • High capacity recording - One Terabyte (dual 500 GB hard disk drives)
  • Two, hot-swappable, dual-lithium-ion batteries provide 3X the capacity of conventional notebooks)
  • Standard DVD-RW drive, FireWire, four USB 2.0 ports and Ethernet connections up to 1000 Base - TX
  • Rugged, flame-retardant design with fully integrated keyboard and 15-inch, anti-glare LCD screen
  • Standard 32-channel configuration with optional 64-channel capacity available

    Summarized Specifications:

  • Sampling Rate: Range: up to 256,000 samples/second
  • Resolution: .001 samples/ second
  • Bandwidth: Up to 115 kHz
  • Recording Capacity: Over 1,000 hours (standard 32-channels @ 4,000 samples/sec)
    Over 8.5 hours (optional 64-channels @ 256,000 samples/sec)
  • Frequency Response: ±0.1 dB, DC to 90 kHz up to 200,000 samples/sec
  • Input Anti-alias Filter: Analog: 2-pole Butterworth at 320 kHz
  • Digital: Sigma-Delta @ .4535 x Sample Rate
  • Calibration: Factory calibrated to +/-0.05%, traceable to NIST
  • IRIG-B: Input with time stamping to 1 msec accuracy

    About DSPCon:

    New Jersey-based DSPCon is a leading systems integrator and full-service solution provider of high-bandwidth, high-performance data acquisition, analysis and archiving systems for governmental agencies and commercial enterprises in the military, defense, aerospace, avionics, machinery, manufacturing and telecommunications industries. Certified to ISO9001:2000 quality standards, DSPCon solutions empower organizations to streamline test and development cycles and improve operational and production efficiencies by slashing the time between data acquisition and processed analytical results.

    Today, DSPCon products and services support a wide variety of mission-critical signal processing applications including acoustic, vibration, shock and rotating machinery analysis; sonar and radar processing; digital data recording and jet engine testing. With hundreds of deployed solutions and over a decade and a half of experience in digital signal processing, systems integration and software development, DSPCon continues to be at the forefront in meeting the unique data acquisition needs of world-class organizations such as Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell and General Dynamics. For additional information, please visit www.dspcon.com.

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