Portable CR System suits mobile inspection labs.

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Weighing just 35 lb, HPX-PRO is suitable for wide range of imaging with scan resolutions of 25, 50, and 100 microns. Portable system can be operated off 110/220 Vac main power or by using onboard battery, which provides up to 4 hr of standby time and 45 min of run time. On high production jobs such as pipeline inspection, HPX-PRO can process 1 weld per minute when using (3x) 5 2/3 in. plates. In addition, system can produce customized multi-line or single shot-style reports in seconds.

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New HPX-PRO Portable CR system

Rochester NY — Carestream NDT has launched a new HPX-PRO Portable CR system designed to enhance mobile imaging with exceptional image quality, improved productivity and easy portability.

This next-generation CR system is lightweight at just 35 lbs, and its compact size and design make it easy to move in and out of tight spaces such as mobile inspection labs. The HPX-PRO is ideal for a wide range of imaging with scan resolutions of 25, 50 and 100 microns. 

Built Tough

Working in rugged and remote environments requires a CR system built for the task. 

The HPX-PRO was subjected to months of extreme testing including temperature swings, 0 - 4G accelerometer, dropping, banging and being transported in trucks (and airplanes) to validate its durability.  During these tests it never needed to be recalibrated and the unit performed flawlessly after each test cycle. 

The HPX-PRO can be operated off main power (AC 110/ 220v) or by using the on-board battery which can provide up to four hours of standby time and 45 minutes of run time. A replaceable air filter keeps out dust and dirt, and both the entry and exit feed trays fold up to seal the unit when not in use.   An optional vehicle mounting bracket can be attached to a work surface enabling the HPX-PRO to be quickly snapped into a secure position for safe transport in a lab on rough roads.

Built Smart

The HPX-PRO’s software incorporates a new user interface designed to enable the operator to begin working fast.  The unit sets up in less than two minutes using an Ethernet and power cable. On high production jobs such as pipeline inspection the HPX-PRO can process a weld a minute when using (3x) 5 2/3” plates. This including scanning, image display with a pre-set EDGE filter applied and plate erasing.  Batch Mode functionality allows users to run imaging plates in batches while the system auto-numbers each plate. Improved tools allow for rapid image analysis and customized reporting in seconds using the single click image interpretation.

The HPX-PRO can also produce customized multi-line or single shot-style reports in a matter of seconds. When creating the work report, users simply select the welds to be included and click “create report.”   There is no need to transpose data and concerns about making mistakes are minimized while time to create reports is also compressed.

“The HPX-PRO is a complete workflow improvement tool from the first shot to the final report,” said Martin Graen, Carestream’s Worldwide General Manager for Non-Destructive Testing Solutions. “From hardware to software, from laboratory to deep in the field, the HPX-PRO is a complete digital system designed for improved productivity in the most rugged NDT environments.”

For more information please visit to www.carestreamndt.com.

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