Portable Computer lets users swap hard drives.

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FlexPAC(TM) is available with removable 2.5 in., shock mounted hard disk encased in steel and alloy canister. Available in 20GB and 40GB capacities, it provides data security and allows users to install different hard drives, depending on application. Users can boot different operating systems or system configurations by changing drive. Multiple users can have their own hard disk drive, with personal settings and applications.

Original Press Release:

Rugged Dolch FlexPAC(TM) Now Available with Removable Hard Disk Drive

Improved data security with robust removable media

Fremont, California, March 7, 2002 - Driven by the security conscious needs of our customers, Dolch engineers have integrated a ruggedized removable hard disk drive into the award winning FlexPAC multi-slot portable computer.

To ensure maximum data security and integrity, the 2.5" hard disk is shock mounted, and encased in a steel and alloy canister. Extensive shock and vibration testing have proven that the removable hard disk is robust and reliable, even under extreme conditions. It is secured with a quick release thumbscrew.

"When the Dolch engineering team designed the removable hard disk drive into the FlexPAC, they made sure it met the ruggedness and reliability standards our customers expect from Dolch products," commented Jim Ciardella, President. "The shock and vibration characteristics are even better than a standard full size hard disk, thanks to shock absorbing components within the cartridge, and the inherent stability of a 2.5" hard disk drive."

The new removable hard disk drive option is available in both 20GB and 40GB capacities, including additional cartridges. This extends the application possibilities beyond that of simple data security, to include the option of booting different operating systems or system configurations without reformatting the hard disk or re-installing new hardware. Multiple users can secure their own hard disk drive, with personal settings, applications and operating systems tailored to their needs.

Another interesting application of multiple hard disk drives is for Dolch OEM customers. These customers deliver their solutions on the FlexPAC platform, and may have to support multiple operating systems and revisions of their own application software. By using multiple hard disks to recreate exact software configurations, system troubleshooting of even outdated operating systems or application software, can be easily undertaken. This is ideal for the long-term maintenance of products, or service troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Available immediately, all FlexPAC models can be equipped with the removable hard disk drive option.

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For high-resolution images of the FlexPAC: www.dolch.com/html/imaqedatabase.html

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