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Portable Advertising Display can be used indoors or outdoors.

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Jul 18, 2012 - Accommodating prints measuring 3.9 x 11.5 ft, T-Pole® Plus has 4-part telescopic aluminum pole that allows for height adjustment up to 19.6 ft. Print slides over single banner arm to ensure advertisement readability, and rotating pole cap will spin in breeze during windy conditions to ensure ad is always visible. Weighing ~15 lb, display does not require any tools for assembly/disassembly and can be packed into included carrying case for portability. Various base options are available.

Tex Visions - Carlisle, PA

Original Press Release

Tex Visions Introduces New T-Pole« Plus

Press release date: May 25, 2012

Carlisle, Pennsylvania - Tex Visions introduced the T-Pole« Plus, a new addition to their T-Pole« product line, on Thursday.

The T-Pole« Plus is a simple advertising display for use in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is lightweight, weighing approximately 15lbs, making it portable. Simply pack it into the included Carrying Case and is ready to be taken anywhere. The display does not require any tools for assembly and comes apart effortlessly when finished.

Like the T-Pole« Basic, the T-Pole« Plus has a four-part telescopic aluminum pole. The T-Pole« Basic can be adjusted to three different heights up to 17.7 feet and the Plus model can be adjusted to any height up to 19.6 feet. It can accommodate prints measuring 3.9' wide by 11.5' high. The print slides over the single banner arm to ensure better readability of the advertisement.

Additionally, the T-Pole« Plus has a rotating pole cap. When it is windy, the pole cap will spin in the breeze; this will spin the banner arm and print along with it, thus ensuring that the advertisement will always be visible, even in the wind.

Several base options are available for the T-Pole« Plus. They range from water bases to car bases for above ground installation. A ground sleeve can be used for a more permanent solution. When purchasing, a T-Pole« Plus set will include the aluminum pole, banner arm, pole clips, rotating pole cap, flag weight, and carrying case for easy transportation. The T-Pole« Plus is great for indoor and outdoor events, tradeshows, lobbies, and shopping malls.

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