Popular Reno Casino Adds Trans-Lux Sports Tickers to Expanded Race & Sports Book

Popular Reno Casino Adds Trans-Lux Sports Tickers to Expanded Race & Sports Book.
Up-to-the-Minute Data in Steady Stream Designed to Keep Patrons Engaged.

Norwalk, CT - Reno's Peppermill Casino's Race & Sports Book now includes state-of-the-art display technologies including Trans-Lux Sports Multi-Color Tickers. And for patron convenience, the immediately adjacent Sports Bar and Sports Deli as well as the Poker Room now feature Trans-Lux Sports Tickers to keep guests informed with up-to-the-minute sports data.

"The Peppermill Casino is an award-winning gaming facility that excels by providing its patrons with high tech services," said J.M. Allain, President & CEO of Trans-Lux Corporation. "Our sports tickers deliver on that service and help keep the Casino sharp in a highly competitive industry."

Electronic LED DataWall® technology from Trans-Lux is used in many casinos to display real-time information and is perfect for posting odds, game schedules, results or other applications where text information changes frequently, is centrally controlled and is viewed continuously by patrons. The Peppermill Reno has four other sister properties in Sparks and West Wendover, Nevada. All five casinos have the same configuration of electronic LED DataWalls® which allows them to control all of the data from one central location. If there is a change in the odds, all of the properties change at the same time.

The Multi-Color Sports Tickers installed at the Peppermill Reno display a continuous flow of sports information 24/7. A data feed provides a steady stream of information directly to the display in a "graphical electronic ticker" format. The patrons love it because the Ticker displays team logos and updated scores; the team that is winning is shown in green and the team that is losing in red. The data feed also allows for the insertion of ads, promotions, upcoming events, etc. in a variety of colors and type fonts.

Trans-Lux's full line of LED display products, both full matrix and line-/character-addressable, meet a wide range of requirements in a casino environment. When connected to a network, dedicated PC or central server, information can be easily updated or edited.

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Trans-Lux Corporation (TLX) is a leading designer and manufacturer of digital signage display solutions for the financial, sports and entertainment, gaming and leasing markets. With a comprehensive offering of LED Large Screen Systems, LCD Flat Panel Displays, branded Data Walls and Fair-Play Scoreboards, Trans-Lux delivers comprehensive digital signage solutions for any size venue's indoor and outdoor display needs.

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