Pool Pipe Relining System conserves effort and water.

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Offered as no-dig alternative, Pipes Down Under uses trenchless, non-destructive process for repairing swimming pool pipes and does not require demolishing of hardscape and landscape around pools. Thermoplastic pipe is inserted into existing 1½-4 in. pool pipes to bridge gaps, stopping leaks, and keep chlorinated water contained. Nominally, it takes 2 people ~2 hr to completely restore pool pipes without draining pool or special training/equipment.

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Nu Flow® Announces Revolutionary Solution to Leaking Pool Pipes

No dig alternative to traditional leak repair conserves water and dollars SAN DIEGO, June 3 -- It is estimated that 30% of all pools have a leak. The water wasted from leaks is going to become more costly as water prices rise due to water shortages. People are slow to rectify their leak problems since most repairs are costly and invasive. That's all about to change. The Nu Flow Companies declare the imminent distribution of Pipes Down Under, a patented pool pipe lining product. Nu Flow claims the new pool pipe relining system will globally revolutionize the repair of swimming pool pipes. Demolishing hardscape and landscape around pools is no longer required to fix leaky pipes. By using a trenchless, non-destructive process, a thermoplastic pipe is inserted into existing 1-1/2- to 4-inch size pool pipes, bridging gaps in the pipe, stopping leaks, and keeping chlorinated water contained. "Pipes Down Under Pool Pipe Lining is a great product for customers because it only takes two guys about two hours, at minimal cost, to completely restore pool pipes without having to drain the pool," says Steve Stoppenbrink, COO of the Nu Flow Companies. "With less cost and mess in repairs, owners are more likely to fix the problem -- especially in cases where leak repair costs are offset over time by savings in reduced water usage." Nu Flow licensees quickly recognized the value of the technology. Pipes Down Under installation does not require special training or equipment, as do complex methods of pipe lining. For these reasons, Nu Flow expects the demand for the new product to rapidly increase as pool service companies, leak detection services and plumbing contractors become aware of its availability. To obtain this product or get more information, call 1-800-834-9596. About Nu Flow(R) The Nu Flow Companies manufacture, distribute and install innovative green technologies for the restoration of drinking water pipes, sewer drain and sanitary lines, lead service piping, HVAC, mechanical systems such as chiller and heating lines, fire suppression systems, lead service piping, and pool lines and offers multiple water filtration products from a single source. Pipe rehabilitation applications domestically and internationally include commercial and domestic multi-story structures, industrial and government facilities, hospitality and medical facilities, oilrigs, maritime vessels, and underground utilities. For more information, visit www.nuflowtech.com/. Contact: Nicole Ross 1-888-683-5691 nross@nuflowtech.com

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