Polyurethane Spray Foams act as insulation and sealant.

Press Release Summary:

Able to replace 2001 NB foam, DuraTite™ 2.0 polyurethane spray foam (SPF) is 245fa-blown, 2.0 lb closed cell roofing and thermal insulation that has 3% bio-based content and 3% pre-consumer recycled content. R-value is 6.3 and 26 at 1 and 4 in., respectively. Primarily used in agricultural or industrial structures, BioSeal™ 3.0 and 6.0 are SPF water-blown closed cell sealants that respectively incorporate 16% and 17% rapidly renewable bio-content in their formulation.

Original Press Release:

Two New PU Spray Foams from the Leader in Protective Coatings

DuraTite™ is the new polyurethane spray foam (SPF) insulation product line developed and brought to market by Rhino Linings Corporation. It will include both SPF roofing and thermal insulation. Since recently purchasing BioBased™ Corporation, Rhino Linings first product in the new spray foam line, DuraTite™ 2.0, is a 245fa-blown, 2.0 lb. closed cell insulation that replaces our current 2001 NB foam.

BioSeal™ is another new SPF sealant product line developed and brought to market by Rhino Linings. BioSeal™ 3.0 and BioSeal™ 6.0 are Rhino's first sealant products. These water-blown closed cell sealants replace Soy Seal® HD and Soy Seal® XD.

Since Rhino Linings began offering 2001 NB and Soy Seal, the company has experienced price increases for the product components. Instead of passing the price increases on to you, we chose to introduce products that are more competitively priced with equal or better performance and testing.

Some of the benefits include:

• DuraTite™ 2.0 can be applied on colder substrates than 2001 NB.

• DuraTite™ 2.0 has 3% bio-based content and 3% pre-consumer recycled content in the finished foam.

• At one inch (2.5cm), DuraTite™ 2.0 has an R-value of 6.3, and at four inches (10cm) it has an R-value of 26.

• DuraTite™ 2.0 will also have the GREENGUARD certification. It is ICC-Rated and certified for use in Canada.

• BioSeal™ 3.0 and BioSeal™ 6.0 are still primarily used as sealants in agricultural or industrial structures.

• BioSeal™ 3.0 incorporates 16%, and BioSeal™ 6.0 incorporates 17% rapidly renewable, bio-content in their formulation, and they have similar testing to Soy Seal. However, they are not USDA Certified Biobased™ Products. That program is not currently certifying new products due to government budgetary constraints.

A technical data sheet for DuraTite™ 2.0 is available now. BioSeal™ technical data sheets as well as SPF marketing materials are being updated and will be available soon at www.biobased.rhinolinings.com and at www.rhinoapplicators.com.

Visit www.rhinolinings.com for more information.

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