Polyurethane Resins operate continuously at 155°C.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for under-bonnet automotive applications, Models NP1850 and NP1851 polyurethane resins can resist reversion and oxidation at high temperatures. Model NP1850 low viscosity system cures to Shore A hardness of 87, while Model NP1851 is intumescent and can be applied in electronic ignition systems. Both resins meet Class F requirements.

Original Press Release:

ALH Systems Presents a New Range Polyurethane Resins That Operate at 155°C

Polyurethane resin specialist ALH SYSTEMS LIMITED has developed a unique range of flexible resins that operate continuously at 155°C and fulfil the stringent Class F requirements.

The polyurethane resins do not suffer either reversion or oxidation at elevated temperatures making them suitable for under-bonnet automotive applications. The NP1850 low viscosity system cures to a Shore A hardness of 87. The softer NP1851 is intumescent and is being applied in electronic ignition systems already. The great advantage of these polyurethane resins is the flexibility in the curing and performance characteristics. Future variants in this range will include a high thermal conductivity and flame-retardant product.

Details of the full range of epoxy and polyurethane resins systems can be found on alh-systems.co.uk

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